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Herbs & Spices - English/Chinese Translations

Handy table that provides English to Chinese and Chinese to English translations of culinary herbs and spices.

English Chinese Pinyin
anise, aneth 茴芹 hui qin
basil 罗勒 luo le
bay leave 月桂叶 yue gui ye
caraway 葛缕子干籽 ge lv zi gan zi
cardamom 豆蔻干籽 dou kou gan zi
cayenne pepper 红辣椒粉 hang la jiao fen
celery salt 芹菜盐 qin cai yan
chervil 细叶芹 xi ye qin
chive 细香葱 xi xiang cong
cilantro 香菜叶 xiang cai
cinnamon 肉桂皮 rou gui pi
clove 丁香 ding xiang
coriander 香菜 xiang cai
cumin 孜然 zi ran
dill 土茴香 tu hui xiang
fennel 茴香 hui xiang
garlic da suan
garlic clove 蒜瓣 suan ban
garlic powder, salt 蒜粉,盐 suan yan fen
ginger jiang
herbs 香草  xiang cao
herbs de provence 法式混合香草 fa shi hun he xiang cao
juniper berry 刺柏 ci bo
lavender 薰衣草 xun yi cao
lemon balm 柠檬薄荷 ning meng bo he
lime 青柠檬 qing ning meng
mace 肉豆蔻干皮 rou dou kan gan pi
marjoram, sweet 墨角兰 mo jiao lan
mint 薄荷 bo he 
mustard 芥末酱 jie mo jiang
nutmeg 肉豆蔻 rou dou kou 
oregano 牛至 niu zhi
paprika 红辣椒粉 hong la jiao fen
pepper 胡椒粉 hu jiao fen
parsley 欧芹,荷兰芹 ou qin, he lan qin
pimento 西班牙甜椒 xi ban ya tian jiao
poppy seeds 罂粟籽 ying su zi
rock salt 大粒盐 da li yan 
rosemary mi die xiang
saffron 藏红花粉 zang hong hua fen
sage 鼠尾草 shu wei cao
salt 咸盐 xian yan
sesame seed 芝麻 zhi ma 
sorrel 酸模 suan mo
summer savory 香薄荷 xiang bo he
tarragon 龙蒿 long hao
thyme 百里香 bai li xiang
thyme, wild 野百里香 ye bai li xiang
turmeric 姜黄粉 jiang huang fen
vervain 马鞭草 ma bian cao 
watercress 西洋菜 xi yang cai, shui tian jie


anonymous Singapore, Singapore

Oh, that is so awesome. I live in China, and this will be invaluable for cooking and saving money. Many of these are readily available in China, but expats like me have no clue and buy them for ridiculous prices at special imported food stores.

anonymous Singapore, Singapore

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