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Chicken Tandoori and Moutabelle Wraps



Transform your Indian takeaway into a healthier alternative. The addition of moutabelle, which is a beautiful smoky eggplant/aubergine dip, really lifts the flavour of the tando...

All-Vegetable Pad Thai



A ‘quick and easy to make’ light, tasty dish. You could add Tofu or other high protein based foods to make it a more substantial meal. If you’re interested in knowing more abou...

Cauliflower & Beet Salad in Curry-Mustard Vinaigrette



A burst of colour ready for the Summer, can’t wait! The two main ingredients are a match made in health heaven, recent health claims suggest the benefits of beetroot include pr...

Tropical Fruit Terrine



A quick and easy to make colourful display of goodness, a perfect light dessert for anytime. If you include kiwis, mangoes, strawberries and oranges you would be consuming vitam...

Vegan Dumplings



Rice paper is a healthy low calorie option in comparison to other wheat based products. This delicate translucent dumpling allows the diner to see the colourful nutritious veget...

Tropikale Smoothie



This delicious tropical smoothie is super healthy, refreshing and full of nutrition. At only 183 calories per serving and lots of nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin...

Plantain Fritters With Honey & Yoghurt



This recipe came about due to our new found love of plantain. Have you ever tried it before? It’s super delicious and we love to eat it fried with honey, so we began to experime...

Banana Berry Smoothie



This delicious and nutritious banana and strawberry smoothie recipe could not be easier. You can use fresh or frozen fruit for this recipe, we usually use frozen as it makes the...

Tomato & Lentil Soup



This delicious tomato and lentil soup recipe is super easy to make and full of nutrition. One bowl has only 264 calories, 19g of protein, 16g fibre, and is high in folate, magne...

Vanilla Porridge



This quick and easy vanilla porridge recipe is our new favourite breakfast, do we always say that? It’s super easy to make, delicious, creamy and naturally sweet. You can play a...

Tropical Wave Smoothie



If you fancy a taste of tropical paradise, then this delicious, healthy and nutritious drink is for you. We’ve made it with frozen fruit so it tastes ice cold, but if you don’t ...

Strawberry, Orange & Banana Frappe



This delicious strawberry frappe recipe is healthy, full of nutrition and tastes divine. We’ve used frozen bananas for this recipe as it makes the drink nice and cold, but if yo...