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279 tofu recipes

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Favrotie Sweet and Sour Tofu



Tofu lovers will love this savory dish made from shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce and Japanese cucumbers.

Spicy Tofu with Green Vegetables and Noodles



If you haven't tried tofu, then now is your chance with this succulent dish you are bound to love!

Tofu Fajitas



Instead of using plain old chicken, try this new rendition of a tasty dish everyone loves to make!

Anasazi-Tofu Enchiladas



Bean connoisseurs will appreciate the characteristic taste and texture talents of pinto and kidney combined within this ancient Indian entrant. Versatility of this variety is li...

Tofu Fried Rice



This easy fried rice is also very versatile to make. You can use any other vegetables that you have on hand. Feel free to add some scrambled eggs if you want extra protein boo...

Peppers Stuffed with Tofu and Rice



Peppers Stuffed with Tofu and Rice recipe

Thanksgiving Day Tofu



Tofu stuffed with a Thanksgiving style stuffing.

Baby Bok Choy With Mushrooms and Tofu



Rice or ramen noodles make a good partner for this tofu-enhanced vegetable dish with rich mushroom sauce inspired by traditional Chinese cooking.

15 Minute Asparagus and Tofu Stir-Fry



Asparagus, tofu, and bell pepper are stir-fried in a Chinese based garlic-ginger-soy sauce. It's packed with deliciousness and goodness.

Tandoori Tofu



Such a delicious way to cook tofu. Packed with flavor, the tangy yogurt sauce adds extra creaminess. Perfect for your vegetarian family members or friends when summer BBQ party...

Sugar Snap Pea, Mushroom and Tofu Stir-Fry



Easy to prepare, and it's loaded with yumminess. Crunchy sugar snap peas, browned mushrooms and tofu cubes with some sweet bell pepper and carrots make this quick and tasty dish...

Tofu and Eggplant Green Curry



This is a fantastically flavoursome vegan-friendly thai green curry, which really pleases the palate. This dish serves 10 which makes it ideal for serving to friends and family....

Vegan Mapo Tofu



When you’re short on time and you’re in need of something nutritious, then this 15 minute vegan mapo tofu will certainly satisfy your taste buds. This is an authentic Sichuan st...

Zucchini stuffed with Savory Tofu Spread



Easy to cook, but also very healthy and tasty with Tofu Spread.

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