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130 ricotta recipes

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Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts



A succulent chicken dish where the chicken breasts are stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese.

Ricotta Cookies



Even if you dont like Ricotta cheese. DO NOT pass up this great recipe. I would have to give it a 5 star plus rating! Those who tasted these yummy treats all agree to the five s...

Spaghetti with Tomato Ricotta Sauce



Mushrooms, ricotta, tomatoes and basil blend wonderful in this hearty sauce.

Low Fat Apple Ricotta Pie



This apple ricotta pie turned out delicious. I used homemade granola instead of the cereal, and it is much lower in fat and calories. Still tasted wonderful.

Breakfast Ricotta Pancakes



Breakfast Ricotta Pancakes recipe

Natalia's Chicken Breasts stuffed with Spinach, Ricotta and Provolone Cheese



A mixture of ricotta cheese, spinach and provolone cheese stuffed inside chicken breast and topped with a rich tomato sauce. Got this recipe from a friend in Wisconsin where pro...

Ricotta Stuffed Sweet Baby Peppers-Vegetarian Version



Without pancetta or prosciutto, these small treats are still very yummy, with some balsamic glaze drizzling on top. Everyone wants some extra ones.

Strawberry Ricotta Phyllo Purses with Chocolate Syrup



These phyllo purses look so lovely, filled with fresh strawberries and creamy ricotta cheese, drizzling some chocolate syrup and dust powdered sugar on top. These are crispy and...

Moist Cherry Ricotta Muffins



Both cherries and ricotta cheese give the muffins super moist texture, fruity and creamy flavor. Fresh or frozen cherries, either of them will work well.

Ricotta Lemon Cupcakes with Almond



Moist, lemony and delicious. These cupcakes are perfect for dessert after your main dish or even a delicious and nutritious breakfast with cup of smoothie.

Whole Wheat Lemony Ricotta Muffins



These deliciously moist and lemony ricotta muffins are made with most whole wheat flour and olive oil, which adds health benefits to your diet without losing any great flavor ...

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