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1,362 potato recipes

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Easy Yummy Cream of Potato Soup



Cream of Potato Soup recipe

Escalloped Potatoes



Easy and tasty.

German Potato Soup



German Potato Soup recipe

Favourite Grated Potato Pancakes



Grated Potato Pancakes recipe

German Potato Salad



An easy and delicious German potato salad.

Golden Potato Scones with Parmesan and Pancetta



Warm and fluffy scones studded with bacon and cheese.

Herbed Mashed Potatoes



Our family all love mashed potatoes, we try different kinds of mashed potatoes, this herbed ones are very nice too.

Easy Potato Pancakes



This recipe is a winner! It can be a complete meal if you put some fruits or a green leaf salad and a cup of your favorite hot beverage on the table.

Halloween Ghost Potatoes



A Halloween take on mashed potatoes that your kids will love. The potatoes are piped into ghost shapes and then baked until lightly browned in the oven. Use an oval gratin dish ...

Garlic and Parsley Roasted Potatoes



So easy to prepare, and it also tasted delicious. I used fingerling potatoes instead of red potatoes, and it worked just fine. A great side dish that should go well with most of...

Homemade Potato Bird’s Nest



One of the most elegant and easy appetizer.Kids friendly recipe. Try this creative recipe.

Garlic Topped Paprika Mashed Potatoes



Creamy and tasty. There are lots of flavors in this simply delicious mashed potatoes. Toasted garlic bits, smoked paprika... You will find these yumminess in every bite.

Garlicky Oven Roasted Rosemary Fingerling Potatoes



It's hard to go wrong with lots of garlic, then you add some fresh garden-grown rosemary into these lovely fingerling potatoes with all these delicious garlic. Let oven do the f...

Garlicky, Sweet and Salty Sweet Potato Wedges



Loaded with sweet and salty flavor from mirin and soy sauce. Garlic and sesame oil add more deliciousness. A bit cilantro and sesame seeds are sprinkled on top just before ser...

Grandma's Potato Salad



This classic potato salad has been a family favorite for generations!

Eggs with Potato and Kale Hash Nest



Kale has become a super food, and there is a reason for it. It's packed with nutrients, and with little calories. This potato and kale hash has a great texture and flavour. The ...

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