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Spice rub recipes

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Chinese Beef Stew

2 days ago

11.2 k

Chunks of beef slowly braised in an authentic Chinese manner. Nearly any tough cut of beef can be made magically tender and flavorful with this technique.

100% Parmesan Chicken

24 days ago

3.12 k

Add some cheese to your succulent chicken with this delicious recipe that uses parmesan cheese and a variety of spices.

Greek Yogurt Chicken (low fat)

11 days ago

4.74 k

Marinated chicken with yogurt, garlic and greek spices make for a tangy chicken main course. Serve with a greek salad and it's a meal.

North Carolina Slow Cooker Pulled Pork


3.17 k

This recipe for an indoor slow cooked (Crockpot) pulled pork takes inspiration from North Carolina. Instead of ham hocks it uses bacon and liquid smoke.

Chinese Country Beef Short Ribs


3.1 k

Slow cooked beef short ribs that simply fall off the bone in a delicious Chinese style barbecue sauce. Packed with flavor and nearly hands-free preparation using your slow cooke...

Pumpkin Roll with Cream Cheese Filling


2.8 k

WOW. This was AMAZING! I got so many compliments on it, and a few people said they liked it better than pumpkin pie. I have to say I might just agree with that. I made it exactl...

German Sauerbraten


2.97 k

Classic German beef pot roast that is marinated with vinegar, spices and seasonings. It's traditionally served with red cabbage and/or spaetzle or even pasta. Perfect for celebr...

Crisp Roasted Pig's Head

2 days ago

3.87 k

Very good tasting! Outstanding!

Spicy Sweet Bacon Wrapped Chicken


1.87 k

This is based on a delicious Paula Deen chicken recipe. It makes a great appetizer and only uses 5 simple ingredients. I found the original recipe way too sweet so have modified...

Bisquick Mini Veggie Quiches

about 12 hours ago

2.11 k

One of my variations of the Bisquick "Impossible Pie" type recipe. Quick and easy...great for breakfast, brunch or a light lunch.



2.28 k

An African spice mixture.

Spiced Lentil Soup



We make things "from scratch" a lot so I like things that I can make easily. We doubled the recipe and fought over the leftovers.

African Spiced Carrots



I can't believe how good these are! I generally hate carrots, even though I love most vegetables and eat them every day. I've been looking for a way to cook carrots that would a...

Spice Rub



Use this dry spice rub to dry-rub and marinate the pork before making your pulled pork, it adds tons of deliciousness into your pulled pork. It's easy to make, and it can be kep...

Tamarind Paste


1.82 k

Using fresh Tamarind pods make your own fresh homemade tamarind paste. You can use it in Indian cooking, Thai, Jamaican and Mexican. Add a spoonful to flavor curry, soups or e...

Whole Wheat Applesauce Spice Cake


1.02 k

This delicious cake has no cholesterol and only a trace of saturated fat. It is actually brimming with healthy ingredients- but no one will ever suspect that!


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