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Low-carb recipes

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Best Ever Chinese Chicken

9 days ago

3.67 k

This recipe deserves at least 5 star, it is that good. Made it for dinner last nigh. The sweet-sour sauce was a hit, perfectly balanced flavours and textures.

Impossible Blueberry Pie

about 1 hour ago

7.71 k

Similar to a cobbler - can use any fruit. It's easy to make using Bisquick and some basic pantry ingredients that we always have on hand.

An Absolutely Perfect Roast Goose!+

27 days ago

5.89 k

I have made a Thanksgiving goose every year for at least 15 years. I have steadily gained on making the perfect bird but I finally found the greatest recipe ever in Cook's Magaz...

Quick Italian Bread

3 days ago

5.14 k

This is the first time I have ever made bread in my life, and this recipe was really easy. I made both a long loaf and a round one and they both turned out great. Nice chewy cru...

Old World Pfeffernusse Cookies

12 days ago

4.54 k

Traditionally baked during 'Sinterklaas', a feast on 5 December (6 December in Belgium and Germany) on which little children receive gifts from the holy St. Nicholas, the partia...

North Carolina Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

22 days ago

3.11 k

This recipe for an indoor slow cooked (Crockpot) pulled pork takes inspiration from North Carolina. Instead of ham hocks it uses bacon and liquid smoke.

A Texas Breakfast Casserole

3 days ago

2.47 k

A Texas-sized overnight breakfast casserole with sausage, ham or bacon. Perfect for any Sunday morning. Make ahead the night before and simply throw it in the oven the next morn...

Bacardi Rum Balls

7 days ago

5.67 k

Just like Santa, I have big orders to fill when it comes to the holidays. Everyone wants me to make them some.

Low-Fat Scalloped Potatoes


2.62 k

A light but tasty side dish that is perfect for a backyard barbecue on a hot summer day.

German Beef Roulade

3 days ago

3.38 k

Wow. Truly a recipe that keeps everyone raving about it for hours. A perfect combination and totally mouth-watering tender. I made it for my father when he was visiting and he l...

Al And Tipper Gore's Chinese Chicken with Walnuts

9 days ago

3.11 k

A great healthy chinese chicken. The heart-healthy walnuts add a great taste and texture to this low in fat dish.

Bread Machine Chocolate Bread

about 14 hours ago

5.08 k

Bread Machine Chocolate Bread recipe

30-Minute Beef Stroganoff


2.162 k

Quick and easy, this savory dish is made with beef round steak, mushrooms and egg noodles.

Secret Shrimp Stir Fry

5 days ago

2.45 k

Quick and easy to prepare. Crispy veggies, perfectly cooked shrimp with a nicely balanced sweet and sour glaze that highlight the flavor of the tender shrimp.

Bisquick Apple Cinnamon Muffins

5 days ago

4.39 k

Bisquick Apple Cinnamon Muffins recipe


about 17 hours ago

6.59 k

Thin Indian crispy cracker or flatbread. Typically served as an appetizer to an Indian meal. It can also be eaten as a snack and can be topped with chopped onions, peppers, chut...


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