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Wine, Beer & Spirit recipe collection

Coffee Liqueur

12 days ago


This is the best "Kahlua" recipe I've found. I added about 1/4 cup brandy to the recipe.

Blueberry Ginger Bellini



This bellini, we use blueberry and ginger, adding some lemon juice, you can always change ingredients' amount according to your own taste.

Penne Ala Vodka and Smoked Salmon



A simply delicious dish. It was very easy to make, and tasted creamy and flavourful. If you like smoked salmon and a creamy style pasta dish, you should definitely give this rec...

French Onion Soup : Au Pied De Cochon Re

7 days ago


French Onion Soup : Au Pied De Cochon Re recipe

Jack Daniel's Chocolate Ice Cream

6 days ago


Jack Daniel's Chocolate Ice Cream recipe

Roasted Rack of Lamb

5 days ago


Celebrate Easter With Roasted Lamb!

Spicy Steamed Mussels



The recipe blends equal amounts of gueuze and Chardonnay to make these mussels fragrant, and adds Cajun spices for heat. We suggest a farmhouse ale in the Flemish tradition to p...

Tipsy Cake (Irish)

4 days ago


Jack Daniels Tipsy Cake recipe that's super easy to make with ready Devon custard and leftover pound cake. An Irish cake popular in Chicago as well as Tennesse.

Brandy Eggnog



Add a kick to your Christmas party with this drink which is sure to keep everyone in the holiday spirit.

Advocaat (Dutch Eggnog)



Advocaat is nothing like the eggnog here in America. It is thick and creamy---not foamy at all. This delicious Dutch drink is actually eaten with a spoon!

Flaming Orgy

5 days ago


If you're looking to try something new, enjoy this scrumptious dish that has a fiery ending!

Homemade Kahlua No. 2



Make your own Kahlua following the simple steps and you will be able to enjoy it's decadent taste in the comfort of your home.

Irish's Cream Liqueur



Enjoy a nice glass of this creamy drink that can warm anyone up on a cold, winter night.

Kahlua Cake (Black Russian Cake)



This is a wonderful version of Black Russian Cake.

Sauteed Trout with Orange



Orange you glad to have found this succulent dish made with rainbow trout fillets, mandarin oranges, and a drop of vodka?

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