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Uknown recipe collection

American Burrito

6 days ago


This burrito is made with a combination of Mexican and American cuisine, that is sure to please American tastes.

Barbequed Garlic and Rosemary Potatoes



Crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside. A simple delicious and economical side dish for a barbeque.

Braided Sweet Potato Bread



Made with soy milk and cornmeal, this simple bread is great for sandwiches.

Buttermilk Chocolate Chip Cake

18 days ago



Catch a Piece of Maine Pumpkin Seed Crusted Baked Lobster Tails



the perfect lobster side dish for Thanksgiving dinner!

Chicken & Mushroom Pasta in Creamy Sauce



Delicious pieces of chicken and sliced mushrooms in a creamy sauce full of flavour.

Fourth of July Bean, Bacon and Beef Casserole



Here's an easy and hearty casserole that makes it easy to feed the Independence day crowd.

Low Sodium Beef Stroganoff



Traditional beef stroganoff prepared with health in mind.

Tuna Fish Casserole

30 days ago


A quick, easy, and inexpensive dish that got my kids through college.

KFC Potato Wedges



The Colonel was in the kitchen one day and had an idea what to do with the potatoes that he had and he came up with the Potato Wedges. They used to be made fresh but due to the ...

Strawberry Colada Smoothie



Loaded with Vitamin C and potassium, this smoothie is great for a quick immune boosting breakfast on the go.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding

19 days ago


I have adapted this recipe from one called "Mom's Chocolate Pudding" in my new FAVE cookbook, "La Dolce Vegan!" by Sarah Kramer. Check her out at! :D I swapped out t...

Fantastic Sausage Dip



This is a wonderful and easy dip to make ahead and bring to parties.

Barbequed Lamb Salad with Yoghurt dressing



A delicious summer standard at our place. Easy to make with a mix of Southern European and Middle Eastern flavours. I use my Cucumber Raita (posted separately) to dress the lam...

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