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Turkish recipe collection

Turkish Baklava

23 days ago


Turkish Baklava recipe

Turkish Delight

1 day ago


Turkish Delight recipe

Leeks in Olive Oil



Leeks in Olive Oil recipe

Grandma's Turkish Delight



Turkish Delight recipe

Aubergine roasted in Tomato Sauce

22 days ago


This is loosely based on a Turkish dish I recently learned how to make. It's tomatoy aubergines with rice.

Oil and Lemon Dressing

4 days ago


Why buy salad dressing? This is so easy. You can always quickly make a salad dressing using these kitchen staples. Add your own herbs and voila! Instant personality.

Simit (Turkish Croissant with Sesame Seeds)

24 days ago


Simit (Turkish Croissant with Sesame Seeds) recipe

Turkish Coffee

30 days ago


Turkish Coffee recipe

Ajvar (Roasted Peppers and Eggplant)



Serve as an appetizer spread on thick slices of country-style white bread, or flat pita bread, or use as a side dish to accompany grilled or roasted meats.

Guvec or Turlu - Vegetable Casserole



When I have abundant seasonal vegetables, I love making this vegetable casserole, and most of the time I just enjoy it with a loaf of good bread. That is all you need for a good...

Kaymakli Kayisi (Cream-Filled Apricots)



Kaymakli Kayisi (Cream-Filled Apricots) recipe

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