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Tomato recipe collection

Creamy Creamless Tomato Soup

12 days ago


A quick and easy velvety smooth tomato soup without any added cream. Perfect and classic with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Creamy Heirloom Tomato Soup (Creamless)

9 days ago


Smooth and creamy, fresh and clean. Canned tomatoes work equally as well as fresh.

Crockpot Italian Sausage Vegetable Soup



You'll need your crockpot to make this hearty soup made with italian sausage, zucchini and chickpeas.

Deluxe Nachos



Nachos from scratch, or make these nachos quick and easy by using store bought refried beans and tortilla chips.

Easy Chili Con Carne



Easy to make, long slow simmer.

Easy Italian Sausage Vegetable Soup

6 days ago

1.2 k

The flavor was amazing, the aroma during the cooking filled up our entire house. We used chicken broth instead of beef broth and water, and it made a very tasty base for the sou...

Easy Spicy Fresh Salsa



Easy Fresh Salsa recipe

Eggplant Spaghetti Sauce

11 days ago


We loved it and used it in the Turkey Lasagna recipe.

El Paso Chili

7 days ago


Loaded with veggies and with a hint of sweetness, this chili recipe has been my family's favorite for many, many years.

Fourth of July Ketchup



Kick up your Independence or Flag day celebration an extra notch by making your own home-made ketchup (catsup) to make your barbecued hot dogs and burgers extra special. This i...

German Cabbage Rolls

1 day ago

1.02 k

Goat Cheese & Basil Pizza Bites



Tasty snacks that's quick and easy to prepare when company's coming. Crostini topped with tomato, garlic, herbed goat cheese and fresh basil. Bite sized bits of heaven.

Greek salad


1.24 k

I love the freshness of the dressing and always add extra feta and olives of course! Yum!

Greek Salad Sandwich



I was reading New York Times the other day, and a Greek Salad English Muffin recipe with picture captured my attention. Then I made this Greek salad-one of my favorites, instead...

Green Bean Pasta Bake

about 12 hours ago


Really enjoyed this dish. Quite easy to make, and it was cheesy and delicious. A hearty and tasty meal. Will be making this recipe again.

Green Pepper and Tomato Soup

about 4 hours ago


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