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Top 20 Tofu recipes

Bok Choy, Mushrooms and Tofu Stir-Fry

about 4 hours ago

2.54 k

This bok choy, mushrooms, and tofu stir-fry deliver sweet, sour, and slightly spicy flavor. It's hard not to taste good when you have garlic, ginger, scallions, soy sauce, sesam...

Tofu, Bean Sprouts and Bell Pepper Stir-Fry

2 days ago

2.28 k

Sprouted some bean sprouts last week, meanwhile I had some colorful bell peppers needed to be used up, then this was the quick-easy stir-fry I put together.

Wonderful Millet Vegetable Balls

5 days ago

1.35 k

Like the name of the recipe, these veggie balls were absolutely wonderful. They came together nicely, and were packed with flavor. I have to say they are the best veggie balls I...

Stir-fry Tatsoi, Crusty Tofu with Asian Sweet-Sour Sauce

5 days ago

1.41 k

The way to cook tatsoi is kind like cooking spinach. Stir fry it with simple and tasty Asian sauce made with ginger, garlic, soy sauce and rice vinegar. Quick, easy and delicious!

Red Thai Curry Green beans, Sweet potatoes and Tofu

14 days ago

1.1 k

A classic and tasty Thai food. Fresh green beans, sweet potatoes and versatile tofu are cooked in creamy coconut milk and delicious yet spicy Thai curry paste. A little cilantro...

Sour-Spicy Tofu, Green Beans and Mushrooms Stir-Fry

15 days ago


This simple stir-fry is full of flavour. I just finished the leftover from two days ago, and it was still delicious, not only vegetarians like it... Definitely a keeper!

Amazing Asian Millet Salad

28 days ago


This Asian flavored millet salad is so refreshing and tasty, it is full of nutriton and loaded with delicious flavors!

Chocolate Silken Tofu Pie

3 days ago


The silken tofu makes the pie taste silkily smooth, and it's loaded with chocolate. The best of all is that this dairy-free pie tastes so creamy, rich, and you can not tell tha...

Sesame Maple Roasted Tofu

28 days ago


So far, all my familiy love this recipe, I gave all my good friends this recipe to share, they all love it too.

Sichuan Stir-fry Tofu with Mushrooms

28 days ago


The sichuan sauce makes the tofu very flavorful, and the mushrooms absorb all the deliciousness and add great texture.

Asian Tofu Stir Fry with Vegetables

6 days ago


This Chinese stir-fry is quick and easy to make, all the Asian spices give the vegetables lots of flavor, cooked marinated tofu cubes are golden, brown and crusty. A very tasty ...

Chinese Sweet and Sour Tofu

28 days ago


If you love sweet and sour taste, this recipe won't disappoint you. It was delicious.

Double Crunchy Baked Tofu Cutlets

9 days ago


Use this brillant way to make your tofu taste super delicious with extra crunchy and crispy coating that adds texture and flavor.

Rapini and Tofu Stir Fry

14 days ago


Rapini and tofu are stir-fried in a sweet and sour Chinese cooking sauce. A quick, easy and tasty one skillet dish, serve it over a bed of rice.

Orange and Miso Roasted Tofu and Asparagus

about 3 hours ago


Tofu can be super tasty, this recipe has proved it. I made this roasted tofu and asparagus recipe yesterday for dinner, and it was absolutely delicious.

Pineapple Bundt Cake Supreme

28 days ago


Tarragon Tofu with Chanterelle Mushrooms

14 days ago


This is a variation of a classic French dish that uses several reductions to build a ton of flavor that matches perfectly with the crispy seasoned tofu. Oyster mushrooms or othe...

Wok-Sauteed Tofu and Vegetables

28 days ago


Wok-Sauteed Tofu and Vegetables recipe

Asian Slaw with Tofu & Shiitake Mushrooms

28 days ago


This is a simple and easy slaw, typical Asian style. Very healthy and savory.

Asian Millet Salad (My Way)

5 days ago


Asian millet salad recipe has been quite popular, so decided to give it a try. Made my own version, and we absolutely enjoyed it. Here the recipe is.

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