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Strudel recipe collection

Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)


1.54 k

The classic German dessert, buttery and rich with apples, raisins and almonds.

Apple Strawberry Strudel

6 days ago



Asparagus and Mushroom Strudel



Spring is coming and one of the first vegetables of spring is asparagus. Wrapped with a crispy phyllo pastry spiked with thyme then topped with cheese really takes this main di...

German Apple Strudel



Submitted by Janina Burk (Fall 2011)

Peach Strudel with Vanilla Sauce



It was definitely my kind of dessert, it's sweet, but too sweet; vanilla sauce gave some richness, but wasn't overwhelming. The peach-maple filling was so delicious, packed with...

Spinach, Mushroom and Red Pepper Strudel

10 days ago


Absolutely delicious! Roasted bell pepper, salted mushrooms, and spinach are an excellent combination, which works great with crispy phyllo pastry. Serve it as a main dish or an...

Sun Dried Tomato and Herb Cheese Strudels



Savoury two-cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, herbed and stuffed inside crispy phyllo pastry.

Zesty Apple Strudel



Zesty Apple Strudel recipe

Apple Almond Strudel

5 days ago


No need to go to bakery to get your apple strudel, just make it in your home kitchen, because it is so simple and delicious.

Apple Date Strudel



Apple Date Strudel recipe

Apple Filling for Strudel



A Slovenian and International recipe. Instead of lemon rind Grandma uses lemon juice. Grandma also waits until the dough is ready to slice the apples, that way they don't turn ...

Apple Walnut Strudel

10 days ago


Apple Walnut Strudel recipe

Apple-Apricot Strudel

大约 4 小时 ago


Apple-Apricot Strudel recipe

Asparagus, Mushroom and Red Pepper Strudel



Absolutely delicious. We made this recipe for Mother's Day, and everyone raved about how yummy it was. Roasted vegetables added tons of flavor, plus the outer layer was so crisp...

Beef Broccoli Strudel



Cheesy beef and broccoli wrapped in crispy phyllo pastry. Quite easy, inexpensive and gosh darn yummy.

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