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Spanish recipe collection

Tomato Gazpacho

28 days ago


Tomato Gazpacho recipe

Bacalhau 'a Bras

28 days ago


A traditional Portuguese recipe. Salt cod (bacalhau) and potatoes fried to perfection. FANTASTIC!

Cheese Arepas

29 days ago


Manchego cheese arepas venezolanas. Crispy corn flour cakes dressed up with avocado, tomatoes, and black olives. Authentic, easy and surprisingly delicious. Learn how to make...

Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Omelet)

27 days ago


In Spain, a tortilla isn't the cornmeal flat bread we think of, but a sort of omelet loaded with onions and potatoes. This is a popular item at tapas bars, and an easy dinner to...

Chorizo and Black Olive Pizza

29 days ago


Recipe made by the ambassador for Olives from Spain José Pizarro. Spain is the largest producer of olives in the world. The four main varieties of Spanish table olive available ...

Cold Gazpacho

29 days ago


Cold Gazpacho recipe

Moorish Albondigas

28 days ago


The spices used in this recipe give these little meatballs a Moorish influence. A variation of a popular item at tapas bars, these albondigas can be served in a broth or with a...

Spanish Chicken Salad

29 days ago


Spanish spiced chicken breast with fresh avocado, orange dressed boston lettuce.

Spanish Pot Roast

1 day ago

1.21 k

Another of Grandma's recipes.

Spanish Spiced Whole Almonds

28 days ago


These roasted almonds are tasty and crunchy, all the seasonings and brown sugar add the amazing flavor to the almonds. Good snack or when you have guests to come, it will satisf...


29 days ago


A spicy paste of Spanish origin that contains garlic, caraway, cumin and coriander.

Spanish Baked Eggs

29 days ago


Spanish style eggs flavored with Chorizo and harissa, tomatoes, roasted red peppers and green olives. Bursts of flavor in every bite.

Mexican Spanish Rice

28 days ago


Shrimp and Scallion Tortillas

30 days ago


Shrimp and scallions in a spanish style tortilla. In Spain a pancake is called a tortilla.

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