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Top 20 Pear recipes

Apple/Peach/Pear Crisp II(Low-Cal)

4 days ago

1.6 k

A tasty yet good-for-you dessert that will have you hooked after every serving!

Cranberry, Apple and Pear Sauce



Cranberry, apple and pear, sour and sweet, this is a great sauce to be served with latkes, pork or even turkey.

Homemade Crab Apple Pectin

大约 5 小时 ago


1986 Winner: Impatient Person's Cookies



A treasured memory of Christmas at Great-Aunt Elizabeth's house was a cookie that I never learned to eat in moderation. Although my mother warned me not to say anything, one of...

California Quesadillas



Made this California quesadillas for breakfast this morning. It came out surprisingly delicious. As the photos show, they came out cheesy, oozy but not too sweet. The sweetness ...

Low Fat Pear Walnut Coffee Cake



Cake doesn't have to be always packed with calories, fat and sugar. You only need a few simple twists to make a much healthier cake that still tastes delicious.

Pear Harlequin

29 days ago


Pear Harlequin recipe

Crumly Cogwheels Tortilla Soup

about 18 hours ago


Crumly Cogwheels Tortilla Soup recipe

Chicken with Fruit Sauce

7 days ago


Oat Scones with Apple-Pear Butter

about 13 hours ago


The oat scones were buttery, fluffy and delicious, when we spread the apple-pear butter on top, the flavor was just amazing. Sweet, a bit sour and smooth apple-pear butter went ...

Apple Pear Pie



This is the second recipe I'll post tonight--promised it to AH earlier tonight. My mother found this recipe 35 or so years ago in a magazine and it has become a family favorite....

Pear-Pecan Muffins



A nice Autumn flavor to these light muffins. The optional sugar topping makes a more crispy crust. To make these more diabetic friendly, I used Splenda for half of the sugar. ...

Grape and Honey Poached Pears

17 days ago


A delicious and healthy dessert to make with juicy pears fresh from the orchard!

Roasted Pear, Walnuts and Parmesan Salad



Roasted pears are tender, juicy with delicious caramelization. The mixture of arugula and romain lettuce adds yummy peppery taste and some nice refreshing crunch. The toasted w...

Easy Microwave Poached Pears

about 19 hours ago


Only three ingredients and a microwave and you can have poached pears easily on standby for a healthy fruit dessert.

Ginger-Pear Cake




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