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Top 20 Pastum recipes

Beef Stuffed Shells

about 2 hours ago

19.6 k

Beef stuffed inside large pasta shells topped with gooey cheese then baked to perfection. Make-ahead and it's freezer friendly, meat stuffed shells without ricotta.

Quick and Easy Frog's Eye Salad

2 days ago

12 k

A delicious kind of salad made with mandarin oranges, pineapple chunks, flaked coconut and whipped topping.

A1 Chicken in Cream of Mushroom Soup

3 days ago

7.7 k

Quick and easy chicken mushroom pasta and vegetable dinner. One pan, no fuss, forgiving and adaptable family favorite.

New New Orleans Pasta

about 2 hours ago

5.87 k

Very tasty. Just enough sauce to carry the creole flavors and meld the different types of protein together. Went a bit overboard by making our own Chorizo and homemade penne pas...

Hearty Vegetable and Pork Soup

about 3 hours ago

3.91 k

A delicious and filling vegetable and ground pork soup with pasta for two that's ready in under 30 minutes and packed with flavor. It's easy to turn ground pork and pasta into ...

Chicken Carbonara

2 days ago

3.3 k

A rich and delicious version of the classic pasta Carbonara loaded with chicken, ham, peas and sun-dried tomatoes in a creamy sauce.

Chicken Piccata with Pasta and Mushrooms

11 days ago

2.55 k

A delicious meal. Succulent chicken and browned mushroom sauce are served over a bed of angel hair pasta that's also tossed with mushroom sauce.

Jalapeño Cream Sauce

about 1 hour ago

2.58 k

Easy garlic jalapeño cream sauce that's ready in minutes. Tangy with a bit of heat, this sauce makes a great substitute for Alfredo sauce atop a quick pasta for a delicious no-...

Campbell's Turkey Tetrazzini

16 days ago

2.03 k

An easy leftover turkey main dish, that's ready in a flash.

Sausage Cacciatore

about 1 hour ago

1.84 k

My sister was kind enough to share her wonderful recipe with me. Serve over any type of cooked pasta.

Bob's Crock Pot Pizza


1.93 k

A delicious and tantalizing crockpot dish that doesn't disappoint when it comes to flavor!

Absolutely Fab Mushroom Lasagna


1.8 k

Instead of tomato sauce, we use milk to make a creamy sauce, and with layers of mushrooms and cheese. It's just so easy for you to fall in love with this succulent lasagna.

Three Cheese Broccoli Mac and Cheese


1.62 k

Who doesn't like mac and cheese? Three kinds of cheese make it absolutely cheesy and delicious. Packed with veggies including broccoli, carrots and bell pepper enveloped in chee...

Salmon, Broccoli, and Mushroom Pasta

about 2 hours ago

1.64 k

Pan seared salmon is gently tossed with browned mushrooms, broccoli, some good extra-virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

Skillet Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli and Mushrooms

8 days ago

1.66 k

Cheesy and creamy mac 'n cheese with the added texture and flavor of mushrooms and broccoli, all in one skillet for easy cleanup. Using a skillet keeps it quicker than a slow ba...

Asparagus and Chicken Pasta

8 days ago

1.6 k

A super quick and easy one-pan meal is ideal for busy weekday dinner. Feel free to add a bit freshly chopped garlic or onions when cooking chicken. Simply delicious!

Cajun Jambalaya Pasta


1.5 k

A delicious colorful Cajun pasta main with chicken and shrimp.

American Chop Suey


1.34 k

Somewhat similar to chili mac and American goulash found in other areas of the country, this American dish is most prevalent in New England.

Chicken Caesar Pasta


1.48 k

Sugar snap peas, strips of chicken and greens with pasta and dressed with a garlicky Caesar salad dressing.

Easy Macaroni Salad

1 day ago

1.43 k

Quick, easy and delicious salad, and everyone loves it.

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