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Meat recipe collection

Chicken Korma

11 days ago


This scrumptious chicken dish is made with safflower oil, plain yogurt and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Chicken Thighs Glazed with Orange-Thyme-Cumin Sauce



Very easy to prepare and packed with fairly strong Asian style sweet-sour flavor. Perhaps a bit much on the vinegar, would be good with plain white rice to balance things out.

Chicken with Apples and Bacon

6 days ago


Boneless and skin-less chicken thighs caramelized with bacon then braised with apples and onions.

Chicken with Shiitake Mushroom Sauce

4 days ago


This recipe would have been 5 stars without the sliced sun-dried tomatoes. The tomatoes dominated the flavor of the sauce so much that it didn't allow the mushrooms to shine thr...

Chicken, Asparagus and Red Pepper

9 days ago

1.02 k

This delicious chicken dish is loaded with succulent chicken chunks, fresh asparagus and red bell pepper that are cooked with garlic, ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil. Serve it ...

Chicken, Pepper and Tomatoes



Very quick and easy to prepare, a perfect simple week-night chicken dinner. Nice contrasting textures from the celery, carrots and sweet bell peppers.

Chinese Chicken Stir Fry

29 days ago


Quick, easy and fuss-free. Made this dish for Sean's lunch yesterday, and he absolutely enjoyed it. Followed the recipe, and used some mixed frozen stir-fry veggies we bought fr...

Chipotle Chile-Garlic Grilled Flank Steak


1.17 k

A Chipotle pepper adds smokiness in a wet marinade for the flank steak. After marinating the flank steak becomes very tender without being mushy. Perfectly grilled you will be s...

Chorizo Noodle Casserole



Yummy!!! Nice and easy recipe that turns out very delicious.

Chorizo Sausages with Pickled Mushrooms and Romesco Sauce



Grilled chorizo sausages are topped with refreshing picked mushrooms and nutty, flavorful romesco sauce.

Classic Salisbury Steaks

7 days ago

4.88 k

Revisit this quick and easy classic recipe that will stretch your food dollar and guarantees fork tender salisbury steaks covered in a rich onion and mushroom gravy. Ready in le...

Cola Chicken Wings



The taste does sound too good to be true but find out for yourself with this recipe that's easy to understand and follow.

Cozy Crockpot Beef Stew

29 days ago


Don't start the barbecue just yet! Try this mouthwatering stew that warms you up after every bite.

Crispy Chicken Stir-Fry

about 20 hours ago


Quick, easy and delicious. Next time skip the take-out Chinese food, use this recipe to make your own mouth-watering dish.

Crispy Chicken Tenders



Crispy chicken strips made with chicken tenders. Kids love them and perfect when combined with a variety of dipping sauces.

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