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Top 20 Light recipes


Cabbage Fat-Burning Soup

StarStarStarStarEmpty star (1931)
7 days ago

5 k

Made this soup a few days ago. I absolutely loved it, and enjoyed it. I did not detect any nasty smell that one of the previous reviewers mentioned. Instead it came out very tas...


Bean Sprouts Stir-Fry with Bell Pepper and Carrot

StarStarStarHalf starEmpty star (2111)
7 days ago

5.38 k

Bean sprouts are stir fried with bell peppers and carrots, seasoned with soy sauce, rice vinegar and a bit shaoxing wine. Serve it with steamed rice or wrap it into warm crepes ...


Korean Hot Pot

StarStarStarStarEmpty star (5911)
1 day ago

3.92 k

I had this yummy and warm hot-pot with some homemade kimchee and a Korean style spinach salad. Real comfort food! Highly recommend this dish to everyone who likes Korean food.


Bisquick Mini Veggie Quiches

StarStarStarStarEmpty star (830)
7 days ago

2.93 k

One of my variations of the Bisquick "Impossible Pie" type recipe. Quick and easy...great for breakfast, brunch or a light lunch.


South Beach-Style Mocha Ricotta Creme

StarStarStarStarEmpty star (1627)

2.63 k

Sweetened ricotta and chocolate make the perfect South Beach Diet Phase 1 dessert.


Baked Fish Fillet

StarStarStarStarEmpty star (434)

1.997 k

Delicious! My husband and friends thought the fish was sensational!


Stir-fry Tatsoi, Crusty Tofu with Asian Sweet-Sour Sauce

StarStarStarHalf starEmpty star (660)
about 13 hours ago

2.1 k

The way to cook tatsoi is kind like cooking spinach. Stir fry it with simple and tasty Asian sauce made with ginger, garlic, soy sauce and rice vinegar. Quick, easy and delicious!


Phyllo Plum Tart

StarStarStarHalf starEmpty star (495)
7 days ago

1.81 k

Sweet, sour, refreshing and tasty. This is a great dessert that's easy to put together and comes out delicious. Light enough, so you don't have to worry about putting on too man...


Crab (Imitation) Salad

StarStarStarHalf starEmpty star (287)

1.27 k

This is similar to what you would get at a deli.


Strawberry and Almond Phyllo Tart

StarStarStarStarEmpty star (556)

1.44 k

Fresh strawberries, nutty almond, and crispy phyllo pastry make this delicious tart and it's also very light. An ideal dessert to end the meal.


Creme de Brocoli (Cream of Broccoli Soup)

StarStarStarStarEmpty star (3451)

1.57 k

Quick, easy and tasty. This cream of brocoli soup is made of broccoli, milk, sauteed onion and milk.


Crispy Salmon on Tatsoi with Spicy Thai Sauce

StarStarStarHalf starEmpty star (261)

1.37 k

This quick and easy dish will bring rave reviews from your family or your guests. You can also grill the fish fillets, any kind of fish will work well; using Asian tatsoi instea...


Apple, Celery and Cranberry Salad with Creamy Lemon Vinaigrette

StarStarStarStarEmpty star (120)
7 days ago

1.13 k

Crunchy sweet apples and savory celery with bits of sweet dried cranberry and toasted walnuts are tossed with a refreshing and tasty lemon dressing.


Impossible Garden Pie

StarStarStarStarEmpty star (144)

1.01 k

Packed with fresh vegetables and lots of yummy flavors, it's refreshing and tasty.


Asian Style Leftover Turkey Salad

StarStarStarHalf starEmpty star (41)

1.08 k

Slightly sweet and sour. Ginger and garlic Asian dressing was super flavourful. The napa cabbage, carrots, and radishes gave the salad a nice crunch. Definitely will be making i...


Basil and Ricotta Stuffed Zucchini

StarStarStarStarEmpty star (127)


These stuffed zucchini are cheesy and absolutely delicious. It's an excellent way to make zucchini into a tasty dish.


Apple, Celery Salad with Creamy Toasted Walnuts Dressing

StarStarStarStarEmpty star (47)
6 days ago


This sweet, sour yet savory salad has apples, celery, raisins, and toasted walnuts; tossed with a yogurt and mayonnaise dressing that makes the salad creamy and tasty.


Asian Cabbage Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce

StarStarStarHalf starEmpty star (116)


Creamy, spicy, slightly sweet and sour peanut sauce makes this scrumptious Asian-style cabbage salad. The salad can be made one day in advance, simply wrap it up and refrigerate...


Israeli Couscous, Apple and Cranberry Salad with Toasted Almonds

StarStarStarHalf starEmpty star (124)


Quick and easy to make, and it comes out very tasty. Couscous absorbs all the yummy flavor from the broth, then tossed with chunks of apples, dried cranberries, and toasted almo...


Celery, Cucumber, Fennel and Radish Salad with Vinaigrette

StarStarStarStarEmpty star (133)


These crunchy vegetables make a refreshing and delicious salad. If you have your own vegetable garden, they are the easiest vegetables to grow. Or find them in the grocery store.

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