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Top 20 Cracker recipes

Whole Grain 5 Seed Crackers

8 days ago

1.22 k

These are the best crackers ever. We have been serving these crackers to our guests a few times, everyone just raves about how addictive-ly delicious they are. Serve these crack...

Wheat Thins



Just the thing to nibble with a cup of mulled wine or hot spiced apple cider, these simple, versatile crackers also lend themselves beautifully to cheeses, dips, and spicy spreads.

Halloween Cheddar Poppy Moon Crackers



The crispy texture and flavor reminded me of Ritz Cheese crackers but with a richer cheese flavor.

Mediterranean Crackers

12 days ago


Sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, basil and feta cheese give the nutty crackers tangy Mediterranean flavors, and these crackers are great with cheddar cheese, cream cheese or an...

Banana Crackers

19 days ago


Bread Cracker

26 days ago


Enjoy the flavor of bread and the texture of cracker in these bread cracker that's made with whole wheat flour, yeast and cumin or fennel seeds.

Whole Wheat Parmesan and Olive Oil Crackers



These parmesan and olive oil crackers are so delicious and packed with goodness. Make sure to bake enough, because everyone can't get the hands off these yummy crackers.

Canadiens Maple Leafs Crackers (Canada Day)



Maple leaf crackers that a perfect for Canada Day. These small maple leaves are so flavorful. They are so easy to be addicted especially have them with some Canadian cheddar or ...

Homemade Sweet Crackers

4 days ago


One of the best tea time desserts. This recipe is very easy to make. Try this recipe.

Crunchy Peanut Crackers

11 days ago


Crunchy Peanut Crackers recipe

Sesame Seed Crackers



Really easy to make, and good flavour, especially with some good cheese!

Homemade Graham Crackers



Making your own graham crackers sound a little bit crazy, but you will love how tasty these crackers turn out, and you pretty much won't go back to the store-bought ones! Making...

Festive Herring Spread



Tired of bringing the same thing to every party or event? Break out of your rut with this delicious festive herring spread!

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