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Broccoli recipe collection

Mediterranean Spaghetti with Toasted Walnuts

about 12 hours ago


Toss the cooked pasta and rapini with sauteed shallots, red peppers, sun-dried tomato, marinated artichoke hearts, and olives; sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. A quick, easy yet...

Mixed Vegetables Jaipur Style (Sabji Jaipuri)

18 days ago

1.08 k

This makes a delicious and colorful vegetarian entree.

Mom's Cream of Broccoli and Pea Soup

29 days ago


Cream of Broccoli and Pea Soup recipe

New York Goodwich

9 days ago

1.01 k

A delicious dish made with broccoli florets, yellow squash, red cabbage and alfalfa sprouts.

No Fuss Tuna Quiche

15 days ago


An easy to prep quiche with canned tuna. Sometimes easy is good.

Orange-Sauced Chicken Stir-Fry

28 days ago


Orange-Sauced Chicken Stir-Fry recipe

Orzo with Broccoli, Feta Cheese, and Olives

28 days ago


A quick, easy and tasty dish is an ideal week-night meal. Packed with goodness and yumminess, it's good for you.

Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup

29 days ago


Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe

Pasta with Rapini, Toasted Garlic, Bread Crumbs and Parmesan

29 days ago


Quick, easy and delicious. Made this dish for lunch earlier today, it was very tasty, and we really enjoyed it.

Phyllo Chicken with Bacon, Broccoli and Cheese

24 days ago

1.21 k

Great way to use up leftover chicken. Filo pastry stuffed with chicken and broccoli cheese in a light cream sauce.

Ricotta Chicken, Noodle and Broccoli Casserole

8 days ago


This well balanced casserole has everything you need in supper. Creamy sauce, cheesy topping, and the yummy combination of broccoli and chicken make a delicious and filling mea...

Roasted Broccoli and Cherry Tomatoes with Feta, Roasted Pepper and Olives

10 days ago


Roasted broccoli is tender-crisp, roasted cherry tomatoes are warm and juicy, tossed with fresh lemon juice, zest, olives, roasted pepper and feta cheese. A quick, easy and tast...

Roasted Broccoli, Garlic and Toasted Almonds with Pasta

29 days ago


Roasting develops lot of delicious flavor, the roasted garlic makes this roasted and garlicky paste that adds tons of flavor into the pasta.

Sesame Broccoli Stir-Fry with Noodles



Had some broccoli and mushrooms needed to use up, this recipe was a perfect fit. I also slice a carrot and added into the stir-fry, which made the dish look more colorful and in...

Sichuan Broccoli, Tofu, and Carrot Stir-Fry

1 day ago


Quick, easy and packed with deliciousness. Serve this sichuan style stir-fry dish with rice to complete the meal.

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