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British recipe collection

Baked Apple Dumplings



This old classic has been modernized and scaled down. The biscuit dough absorbs the liquid from the warm soft apples. In an 1888 article on apple dumplings it is said that King ...

Best Shepherd's Pie

about 17 hours ago


Make this world favorite dish that will have your family eager to set the table and wash up before dinner.

British Whiskey Chicken

2 days ago


Golden brown chicken with loads of mushrooms, leeks and spiked with a whiskey cream sauce.

Buttermilk Christmas Pudding



Buttermilk Christmas Pudding recipe

Caribou Meat Pie

23 days ago


A delicious meat pie is great at Christmas. Feel free to use ground beef, pork, lamb or a combination of different meats. Make a few of these meat pies a few weeks in advance,...

Derbyshire Oatcakes

about 14 hours ago

1.27 k

Yeast risen British oat cakes for a classic breakfast accompaniment. Easily made ahead for a quick warm n' serve weekday breakfast.

Devonshire Potato-Mushroom Pie

8 days ago


Try this potato and mushroom savoury pie for a side dish with style.

Traditional Sticky Toffee Pudding



This is a traditional English sweet. Moist, rich cake with dates, covered in a caramel/toffee sauce. Best served warm.

Awesome English Beef Pot Pie



Chunks of beef steak are slowly cooked in a crock pot with carrots, potatoes, onions and tomatoes. In the end, top the succulent casserole with some buttery and flakey pastry to...

Bacon and Mozzarella Frittata

20 days ago


For that times that we haven't got much time to spend around the hob, there is nothing better than a Frittata easy simple and can be made with almost anything. This time I've de...

Basil-Parmesan Scones



They were super easy to make, tasted buttery, cheesy, fluffy and flaky, with the aroma from basil. They can be served pretty much with all the main courses, or just eating them ...

Cottage Pie!



So to start off with the first post, I decided to make a meal that screams of comfort food. Whilst it does take a bit of a while to get the meal done, once you take that first b...

Mirabelle Tartar Sauce

14 days ago


Marco Pierre White's tartare sauce from the Mirabelle restaurant. This was served with grilled dover sole but work well with any white fish dish.

Brandy Snaps



Crisp tubular cookies that can be eaten filled or filled with your favorite filling - typically a brandied whipped cream during Christmas time. A British favorite.

Classic Brandy Snaps



Brandy snaps are a popular delightful British Christmas cookie. Crispy golden tubes filled with a brandied whipped cream. What's not to love.

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