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116 duck recipes


Duck Over Charcoal



With a variety of spices, the aroma from this dish is sure to make the kids set the table for dinner.

A Grete Pye



No Christmas feast in medieval times was complete without a 'grete pye'. In some recipes, it could contain many varied meats, but quite often only two or three different kinds...

Auntie Yuan Duck Salad



Auntie Yuan Duck Salad recipe

Czarnina -- Polish Duck Soup



Very old and traditional Polish soup.

Amazing Stuffed Leg of Duck with Red Wine Sauce



Amazing Stuffed Leg of Duck with Red Wine Sauce recipe

Apricot Grilled Duck Breasts



The duck breasts are marinated in a mixture of apricot preserve, sherry vinegar, cumin and cayenne pepper to boost the flavor. Grilling gives the breasts extra deliciousness. Ea...

Paperbark Smoked Duck with Lllawarra Plum Sauce



Paperbark smoked duck, garnished with mushrooms and finished with Illawarra Plum Sauce.

Spring Beet soup (Polish Botwina)



There are hundreds versions of this very Polish soup. Here you have an original proposition of mine. I used to cook it on the base of my favorite duck and chicken stock. The cre...

Risotto with Chicken Livers, Citrus Zest and Duck Breast



Mouth watering citrus chicken liver risotto.

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