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Bisquick Dumplings

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Bisquick Dumplings

My whole family loves these! Mom always made them for "chicken n' dumplimgs". Mmmmm Good!!!



4 servings


4 min


20 min


30 min
Low Fat, Low in Saturated Fat, Low Cholesterol, Trans-fat Free, Low Carb, Very low in sodium, Low Sodium


Amount Measure Ingredient Features
2 cups biscuit baking mix (bisquick)
* Camera
cup milk


Amount Measure Ingredient Features
473 ml biscuit baking mix (bisquick)
* Camera
158 ml milk


Mix bisquick and milk until soft dough forms.

Drop dough by spoonfuls onto stew (do not drop directly into liquid).

Cook uncovered over low heat 10 minutes.

Cover and cook 10 minutes longer.

* not incl. in nutrient facts Arrow up button



Really good love dumplings

anonymous   United States

I'm disappointed that you have included bio-Engineering to your product....I will not buy anymore, and trash what I got...

anonymous   United States

Shows your ignorance. Typical

Laurie Smith   

I agree I have thrown away a huge unopened box. So disappointing

Sharon Curtis

My whole family loves these! Mom always made them for "chicken n' dumplimgs". Mmmmm Good!!!


When you're cooking the Bisquick dumplings are you cooking on top of the stove or in the oven?


My mom made Chicken & Dumplings also!


On top of the stove


My mom makes these with her beef stew, now I make them for my boyfriend and he goes crazy over them!


thats a great idea!!




I make homemade chicken soup in my crockpot in the fall then when it starts getting cold all I have to do is pull it out of the freezer and add egg noodles or the dumplings and I have a simple, healthy meal that my whole family can't get enough of.

Rhonda Stickney   

Wish my family left enough so that there would be leftovers. But I really like your idea. Sometimes I freeze the leftover broth to make my soup.


Love the dumplings as do my family. Kids even invite friends over for stew nights. Ho-Hum turn into WOW with the simple addition of your dumplings.

Jay C

You can find a lot of reipes for dumplings. This Bisquik recipe is the best!! by far!! you can touch it up with what ever you like Pepper, Garlic, Dill Etc. But still great.


I add cheddar cheese to mine. You will need to add about 1tbsp of milk, then let the dough sit at room temp 10-15 minutes to let them start to rise. The result is big, fat dumplings.


Excellent receipe. Have been using it for years. Now even my married daughter uses it, and her children love it.
Thank you!!!!


I love these dumplings in my home made chicken soup!!! Awesome!!! I add some basil and they are just delicious


The Bisquick recipe calls for 2 cups mix, not 2 1/2 cups. Who changed it?


Maybe one is dumplings and one is biscuits?


You actually lay the dumpling dough on top of the liquid. It's not a "drop" presa.


Yes, it is 2 cups, just updated the recipe, thanks for your comment, enjoy!


What temperature do you use in oven


I've made Bisquick dumplings for years. I put them on boiling fruit and oila! instant cobbler!


I use this recipe for Chicken & Dumplings. My kids call it "Cloud Soup" and even doubling the recipe can't stretch it for two meals!

Carroll Howen

I have been making bisquick dumplings for years and they were great. I just finished making not 1 but 2 batches that were awful. We like the fluffy dumplings and these turned out hard. Please advise.
Thanks Carroll Howen


Just add a teaspoon of olive oil to your dough mix or melted butter


I had the same problem the last time I made the dumplings I always had an egg this time they came out hard and chewy and I even made another batch of them and they came out the same


Add two teaspoons of garlic powder. Fantastic.

best and easiest recipe ever


@Carol - I get better (lighter) dumplings if I let the dough sit for 15 minutes or so before dropping them into the soup/stew/gravy.


That is an excellent idea. I’ve often wondered if they would e better if letting them rest. Thank you Scott.


I recommend adding garlic/onion powder, basil, thyme to the dumpling mix. This adds much flavor. Dumplings fill you up & taste great! Bisquick is a WONDERFUL product!

Mary VanderSchuur

My Husband ,Son ,Daugther and I always love Dumpling and Chicken so Easy Cook Taste Good :-)


I have been making these dumplings for more years than I care to remember, and they are my favorite! They are so easy to make and always come out perfect!


put them in sourkkrught yum


im trying this dumpling recipe right now,hope they turn out :S..ill let ya'sknow later.. :)


I grew up eating Bisquick dumplings. Years ago I started adding an egg and chopped up parsley to the dough. It is delicious. Try it!

anonymous United States

Thank you so much for the recipe...went to Bisquick web-site and they really fouled me up. Changed my browser and made it impossible to sign-off their web site unless I signed up for all their stuff. They are a BIG rip-off!!!!


The recipe is on every box.

anonymous   United States

I bought a smaller box because that's all walmart had, lots of dessert recipes, pancakes/waffle, but no dumplings!
That's why I landed on this page I didn't recall the bisquick to milk ratio. You'd think after making them >40 yrs I'd remember.
But I suffer CRS!


it said not to drop directly into liquid. my question where do I drop it? STUPID!!!!


The recipe says drop dough by spoonfuls onto stew, it means you should use a spoon to put the dough into the hot stew and do not use your hands directly, which may burn your hands. I think it is a good thing to mention, nothing wrong with that!

Smitty   United States

If you have to be told not to put your hands in boiling liquid, you should probably stay our of the kitchen. Just sayin....


I drop the dumplings right into my boiling soup! It is so easy and so good! Not a drop left!

Staci Mulholland

I have a sick boyfriend!!! The one thing that always shapes me up is the soup that grandma and mom taught me with bisquick years ago. This one stands the test of time and is the best even when your sick!




My MOM used to make the most flavorful, hearty Dumpling stews, soups etc great to have and enjoy over the cold winter months! I have tried unsuccefully to create my own and they never have come out like hers! HELP! Also how about some for camping?


To prevent dry dumplings, stir and fluff the dry Bisquick before measuring. It settles, so you get too much and throw off the proportion of wet to dry ingredients. Don't mix it too much, or it will toughen the dough.


just made these. totally delicious. in regard to the suggestion of the serving size and how many dumplings the recipe yields, it would depend on what size you make. I made large ones it yielded 7. But if you prefer smaller dumplings you could get 14.


I find the dumplings come out hard if there is not enough moisture in the dumplings. Sometimes I add more milk to get the dough the right consistency. It should not be stiff.


I also found that if the box is too close to the expiration date the dumplings are heavy not fluffy.




not on the box anymore. that's why I came to


I had to get online also...Recipe not on box this time....Think I would remember two ingredients...


It never says to cook on top of stove or in the oven.


Weird, the box I have still has the dumplings recipe.


I cook My Chicken,cellery,onion,garlic,bell pepper,seasons,W/6qts watter. When all this is cooked,all the solids are on the bottom.Liquid on top. Bisquik said dont drop the Bisquik in the liquid.?


My Mum in Scotland always made this recipe with Bisquick. We called them doughboys. Same thing, same great taste!


2 can progresso soup and dumplings as directed, nice meal for the family in 20 minutes. Need at least 2 cans, dumplings soak up a lot of juice.


These make the best quick meal after work! The kids love them and so do I! Great for cold days!


I can never get this done, even though I'm following the recipie to a "T". They seem raw on the inside. Any ideas?


I have made Bisquick dumpling's for years. Now they are awful. Can't get them fluffy. They are just dough. Yuck....
Anybody know why?


Always great and easy!!!.


Yes cook them longer. I've been doing these for years and never had raw dough. Make sure you are covering tightly for at least 15 mins. No need to lift the lid.


I have made dumplings for years, but lately when I make them they are hard and doughy in the middle and yellow looking. Any suggestions?


I know, they are awful. Don't come out fluffy. Has Bisquick changed? I hate the dumpling now.


The calories are way off. the milk and bisquick in 1,040 calories divide by the number of dumplings you make

Mary Griffin

really good with sauerkraut and kielbasa


These are great on top of pork & sauerkraut. Top the cooked dumplings with toasted buttered bread cubes for a great PA dutch meal.


I read the directions i didn't understand how u don't drop it directly into the liquid when a soup or stew is all liquid


I grew up on these dumplings. Chicken and Dumplings was my favorite meal. My girls love them too. We do not like the noodles that people call dumplings.


To clear up what they mean by "Do not drop directly into liquid"...Stew is much thicker than soup. My chicken stew consists of chicken, vegetables, potatoes and egg noodles and when I drop the dough into the stew it is thick enough that I can drop it on top of the other ingredients without it falling directly into nothing but pure liquid. I also have been making these dumplings for 25+ plus years and agree with everyone else that all of a sudden (with no changes on my end) they are no longer light and fluffy. Lately, mine have been coming out hard and doughy too. I suspect they changed the recipe :( I used to have them mastered!

anonymous   United States

Watch which one you are buying. They have put out a gluten free one and I find that what ever you are making comes out a little different than if you are using the one that is not gluten free


My wife used to make great dumplings with Bisquick but lately they turn out hard and doughy and don't rise at all. We believe the product has been changed as she has always made them in the same manor. What's going on ?

pat in texas   

could be the backing powder is old and therefore
not rising. I keep ours in the refg. until use.
also, since I use thighs for the chicken, I can
put the dumplings on top and they are not in the
juice that much, however I usually scoop juice on top of the dumplins about 3/4 done. I cook mine covered in boiling liquid about 10 min. only. over cooking will make them tough.
most of the time I also add parsley (dried) and
poultry seasoning (about 1 tsp) each. hope this helps someone...

Pam K.

I have been making these for years, and my family always opts for them in my Potato with ham soup. I add some dried parsley for color, and ground black pepper. Yummy!


Last two times making Bisquick dumplings (the recipe is printing on the lower side of the box)they don't rise and are doughy. They take triple the time to cook! Whats up? New box, follow directions to the "T". Making it in stew.

anonymous United States

funny how i looked up this recipe and things i searched back in may and june and october on popping up on this website


Be sure to never use Bisquick that is past the expiration date-they will not rise.

anonymous United States

It appears some kid that did not grow up on Bisquick is now messing with the recipe. Good way to kill your sales and insure you end up flipping burgers down at the local McWhatever. Go back to the old contents and fire the jerk that decided they could do it better.


Dumplings used to be fluffy and light. But they've been flat and hard for years despite faithfully following the recipe. I keep the Bisquick in the freezer; otherwise, the weevils hatch after a couple of months here in Hawai'i.


Made these for years and now they are hard and doughy. I read all the comments and don’t know if I should add an egg, 1 tsp. olive oil, fluff up the mix before measuring, not over mix, store in my refrigerator or just give up! Did they indeed change the recipe???


Hi just want to say my mom made them for us when we younger we loved them still do ?I'm 55 yrs old and my mom is gone now!!!

anonymous United States

I like to make these cooked in sauerkraut juice and then top the dumplings with browned butter! Great with pork and sauerkraut on new year's day!


I've been making Bisquick dumplings for 50 years and they are still good. Check your box for expiration date, don't mix a lot before dropping the dough by spoonfuls on top of whatever is boiling in the pot. We put them on top of sauerkraut and pork for New Years Day (old custom). I also make the recipe for biscuits for strawberry shortcakes. My Mother and Grandmother did this as well.


found the dumpling recipe but you cannot print it. just have to write it down the old fashioned way.

anonymous United States

I made them again tonight, after hunting down the recipe since the idiots took it off the box. I'm not careful about measuring or not packing or leveling or over-mixing or time limits covered and/or uncovered. And the only seasoning I use are salt and pepper. And as usual they came out perfect! Just wish I could cram more into the large pot of boiling broth. Recipe as written doesn't make many, even going 1 1/2.

anonymous United States

I made them again tonight, after hunting down the recipe since the idiots took it off the box. I'm not careful about measuring or not packing or leveling or over-mixing or time limits covered and/or uncovered. And the only seasoning I use are salt and pepper. And as usual they came out perfect! Just wish I could cram more into the large pot of boiling broth. Recipe as written doesn't make many, even going 1 1/2.


I make these dumpling in Michigan and they come out great, but every time I make in Colorado they disappear and melt into to the stew! Help

anonymous United States

I am 62 years old. My mother made her dumplings from Bisquick-they were delicious! So I followed in her footsteps and make mine this way too after trying many recipes. They used to turn out so light and fluffy with so much flavor. BUT lately, your formula for your product must have changed because I didn't, after all this time, suddenly forget how to make them. What idiot changed your recipe for your mix?


Side of box now says “Partially produced with genetic engineering” Maybe that’s the problem.


It’s always been my go to accompaniment to chicken soup, but I agree with some of the people’s comments that they don’t come out the same as they used to.
Please advise


The dumplings where good but they certainly didn’t have the same taste as they use to.


Just found out that there are 3 kinds of Bisquick. Pancake, Gluten free and Original. Make sure you get the Original.


I have to agree with others. I’ve been making dumplings with Bisquick for over 30 + years and I made them tonight and very disappointed! They where somewhat hard and doughy. They have always been good and only took about 20 minutes to cook. I cooked them for over 1/2 hour and they where still doughy. What is gone on???


Well now 2022 and the last box of Bisquick I got a few months ago has not made good dumplings! Hard and doughy...very disappointed.


Make sure the mix is not past its expiration date. This cannot be stressed enough! If the box is passing vehicle written date you will not get good results. I found they taste just as good as ever. But then I make certain that the expiration date is in the future.


What does partially produced genetic engineering mean?


Faithful to Bisquick, so was mom and grandmom. I have always used Bisquick for my dumplings and they have been crap lately. We call them sinkers. I can't figure out what to do to remedy this. Half of them are fluffy and half of them are sinkers.


If the recipe has changed, the company should comment. If it has not, why are all these people saying it has? I grew up on them, and hope that they come out fluffy.

anonymous United States

I'm tired


Jeanne --I always put garlic and herbs in my dumplings that echo what I put in my stew or what I call Stup, a thick meat and vegetable rich soup.


Recipe passed down from great grandma, granny and mom. Add whatever you prefer for spices let dough rest for 15 min. don't overmix. CHECK EXPIRATION DATE! Delicious every time.


I mix in 2 eggs, and parsley ,pepper, and an extra spoon baking soda. Super light and tasty dumplings. Awesome to break open and slather with butter and use the chickens broth as gravy on top of it all. The mix also thickens the broth. Soooo goood. My mother used to make these over 60 years ago.


Been making these dumplings for over 40 years. Always turn out great. So easy to make a soup or stew feel special.

Terri Clayton

Just like everyone else. Have used the bisquick recipe for 50 years and they always turned out so fluffy and yummy. Now, they are as hard as a brick. You could literally use them in place of golf balls on the golf course. They must have changed something. All of us that have used them for years with wonderful results can't all of a sudden just start making them wrong. Wish I had an answer. I really wish Bisquick would comment on all of our comments with an answer.


I also have been making bisquick dumplings for years . Recently they have not been as good . Doughy. Looking for a new recipe not with bisquick .

David Varney

I made them just like Betty Crocker suggested except 2 1/4 cups Bisquick 2/3 cup milk 1 tbsp. Butter dash of garlicky powder. Let rest 15 min. Cooked Uncovered for 10 min. Then covered for 10min. Perfect dumplings light and fluffy.

Linda in Del Mar

I made dumplings last night, following the recipe. I forgot to add spices, but did add a tsp. of olive oil as someone suggested. I covered the pot :-0 and after 10-12 minutes, lifted the lid and they were big and fluffy, looked done to me. They needed a little salt, but they were great dumplings. I often buy a large box of Bisquick that lasts forever, but it might be better to buy it in smaller amounts.


I have been making these for 40 years, and the last 3 times, doughey and not puffed up at all.
Does anyone know what they did to the Buis quick?

BrendaB   United States

Same thing happened to me twice. Bisquick now uses GMO ingredients so I found a homemade recipe for it abd stopped buying it.



Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 41g (1.4 oz)
Amount per Serving
Calories 2036% from fat
 % Daily Value *
Total Fat 1g 1%
Saturated Fat 1g 3%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 3mg 1%
Sodium 17mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 1g 1%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Sugars g
Protein 3g
Vitamin A 2% Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 5% Iron 0%
* based on a 2,000 calorie diet How is this calculated?

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