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What is harissa? About the ingredient harissa. Including 8 recipes with harissa, and photos.


Harissa is a spicy paste (tabal) used as a condiment, originating from North Africa and the Middle East.

Spices used in making Harissa

It is made from chillies, olive oil, garlic, cilantro leaves, cumin and ground corriander. It sometimes also includes dried mint leaves or verbena leaves. The ingredients are pounded using a petal and mortar into a paste. Once prepared it should be left for 12 hours before it is used. When covered with olive oil, it keeps well in a sealed container.

Harissa covered with olive oil

It can be diluted with some stock and added to couscous, dried meats and soups or used as a table condiment.

In Chinese:HARISSA
British (UK) term: Harissa
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Recipes using harissa

There are 8 recipes that contain this ingredient.

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