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395 pudding recipes

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Huge Hit Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies



Invent your kind of cookies with this scrumptious recipe that won't disappoint you or your sweet tooth!

Crockpot Rice Pudding



Dust off your crockpot and try making this scrumptious rice pudding that everyone will enjoy!

Denver Chocolate Pudding Cake



So chocolaty and delicious. This was our dessert after dinner yesterday, in order to feel less guilty, I modified the recipe and made a healthier chocolate pudding cake (see the...

Breakfast Bread Pudding with Sausage/Ham



Breakfast Bread Pudding with Sausage/Ham recipe

Chocolate Coffee Pudding Cake



This is a great dessert for family or your guests, easy to make, and pudding cake turns out moisture and tasty.

Easy Chocolate Pudding



This easy chocolate pudding well satisfies your chocolate craving without giving you too many calories. It's chocolaty, smooth and silky.

Spinach, Mushroom and Vegetable Bread Pudding



A great way to use up day old bread. A savory version of bread pudding with spinach and mushrooms that's cheesy delicious.

Mom's Rice Pudding



This recipe is my Great Grandmother Thorn's recipe. (GG's mother) So that would make it your Great Great Grandmother.

Spinach, Artichoke and Swiss Cheese Bread Pudding



Adapted this recipe from Emeril of Foodnetwork. Bread pudding not only can be a dessert, but also a savory main dish. This bread pudding is cheesy, tasty and packed with flavors...

Banana Meringue Pudding



Fluffy and light, from Woman's Day cooking encyclopedia of cooking.

Cherry Pudding



Placentia Women's Round Table friend, Brenda, shared this recipe using sour cherries. Can't wait to try it!!

Denver Chocolate Pudding Cake (Healthier Version)



A few small twists make a much healthier but still decadent chocolate pudding cake. Wole wheat flour adds some fibre, using half butter and half olive oil cuts down the amount ...

Banana Pudding



Sugar, if you ain't had banana puddin' in the South, you just ain't had banana puddin'. ~ Any Southerner

Almond Butter & Jelly Chia Pudding



Chia pudding is one of our favourite breakfasts and if you like peanut butter and jam together then this deliciously sweet almond butter and jam delight is for you. It makes a f...

Blueberry Pudding, Jam & Custard



This scrumptious blueberry pudding, jam and custard recipe is really easy to make, is deeply satisfying and can be ready in under 30 minutes. We topped ours with fresh blueberr...

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