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Apple and Fennel Salad with Cider Vinaigrette
Apple & Fennel Salad with Cider Vinaigrette
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This is a very tasty and refreshing salad, and it was so quick and easy to make, liked the sweetness and sourness from apple juice and cider vinegar, which just right balanced. Crunchy apple and fennel give the salad great texture and flavor, mixing in the peppery arugula, a simply delicious salad recipe that fits every occasion.

Barley Risotto with Fennel
Barley Risotto with Fennel
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For cooking this risotto, we use slow cooker, so even no stir, the risotto is cooked wonderfully, and you can choose barly or brown rice, add more fibre.

Arugula, Fennel, and Orange Salad
Arugula, Fennel, & Orange Salad
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Also made this arugula salad. Sliced crunchy fennel, sweet orange segments, and black olives are gently tossed with olive oil, honey, and lemon juice. Refreshingly tasty.

Roasted Squash and Fennel with Thyme
Roasted Squash & Fennel with Thyme
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We love this simple and tasty recipe, toasted fennel adds more flavor to the squash, and they are fresh and tasty.

Celery, Cucumber, Fennel and Radish Salad with Vinaigrette
Celery, Cucumber, Fennel & Radish Salad with Vinaigrette
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These crunchy vegetables make a refreshing and delicious salad. If you have your own vegetable garden, they are the easiest vegetables to grow. Or find them in the grocery store.

Scallops on Fennel Puree with Honey Balsamic Drizzle
Scallops on Fennel Puree with Honey Balsamic Drizzle
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Pan seared scallops served on a bed of fennel puree with a sweet Balsamic drizzle. This recipe was inspired by Masterchef New Zealand contestant Rob and I've modified the ingredients and instructions to match those that are commonly available in North America along with experimentation to make the recipe lower in fats yet every bit as flavorful.

Fennel Jam
Fennel Jam
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This caramelized fennel jam is packed with yumminess and so easy to make. It's ideal as topping for hot dogs, pizzas or burgers.

Fennel-Raisin Round

Earthy and textured, this is great as a snack or at a party. For a party, double this to make 1 large or 2 regular loaves.

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