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104 cucumber recipes

by title that are low in fat


Cucumber and Red Onion Salad



A refreshingly fresh summer cucumber salad. Great for a hot day!

Octoberfest Cucumber Salad



Another easy and quick Octoberfest recipe. Enjoy.

Mixed Greens with Cucumber Chives and Parsley Vinaigrette



This easy to make mixed green salad is tasty, the cucumber herb vinaigrette is just perfectly balanced taste, hard-boiled eggs give the protein, a light salad for any of your me...

Cucumber Raita



Eat with Indian or Lebonese style flat breads. Great as a side with barbequed lamb.

Quick & Easy Cucumber Raita



Cucumber raita is one common side-dish in Indian meal. Its refreshing and creamy taste brings a wonderful balance to the always-spicy main course. This easy and tasty cucumber r...

Spicy, Sweet and Sour Cucumber Salad



Quick, refreshing yet tasty cucumber salad.

Tomato, Cucumber and Lettuce Sandwich



Refreshing and packed with goodness. This easy sandwich is a great breakfast to start up a new day or a quick-fixing lunch.

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