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Throughout the holiday season, more than 20,000 people will visit the White House to admire the festive decorations and meet the Obama family.  

According to a recent New York Times article by Marian Burros, White House guests will be served a menu that features healthier foods along with the traditional buches de Noel and chocolate truffles

Encouraging Americans to embrace a healthier lifestyle has been a central theme of the Obama White House. Their philosophy of eating a healthy diet of fresh and local foods is highlighted in new menu offerings like fruit poached with honey and roasted vegetables with hummus.

In March of 2009, First Lady Obama partnered with White House staff to plant an organic kitchen garden featuring herbs and vegetables. The fresh produce from this garden inspired White House Executive Chef, Cristeta Cornerford, to create new savory dishes for 2010 the holiday season." to distinguish from 2009 when the garden was actually planted.

Not everything on the White House menu will be low in fat and calories. The White House will continue to offer classic, higher fat dishes like roast beef, lemon layer cake and coconut cake to its holiday guests this year. However, Chef Cornerford believes there is no conflict with the Obama’s push for healthier eating when these rich dishes are eaten in moderation as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The White House has even incorporated its emphasis on a healthy and environmentally responsible lifestyle into its decorating theme this holiday season. Visitors will enjoy festive displays featuring garlands of dried fruits and vegetables.

Hopefully, Americans will be encouraged to follow the Obama’s example and enjoy holiday classics like eggnog and sugar cookies in moderation, while adding a few fresh and healthy dishes to their seasonal menus.