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4 Reasons You Need to Get Enough Fibre

Although it is generally recommended that adults get 20-30 grams of fibre per day, most people fall short of this mark, and frequently hear from their doctors that they have to “eat more fibre.”

There are some good reasons for eating enough fibre, but it’s easy to miss out when you eat a lot of processed foods (such as white bread instead of whole grain versions, or a fruit bar instead of actual fruit).

Fibre is important for your digestive system, but there are many other important health benefits you need to be considering as well.

1. Constipation

Okay, this one is the most obvious, and the one that most people think of. Fibre does help to keep you “regular,” and helps you digest food more efficiently. Constipation is not only uncomfortable, it is unhealthy. Hemorrhoids are a painful complication of constipation, which you probably want to avoid. Although using fibre supplements can help you on occasion, you shouldn’t rely on these to keep things moving.

2. Increased hunger

If you eat a big lunch that lacks fibre, you will find that you are hungry soon after. Complement your lean proteins with plenty of greens or a healthy whole grain like brown rice or quinoa. Low fibre diets will leave you unsatisfied, so make sure that you get enough fibre to help slow the breakdown of foods and you will feel full longer.

3. Increased risk of heart disease

When you get enough fibre, you can lower your risk of having high cholesterol. The reason this happens is because fibre does not break down in your body and cholesterol particle cling to it as it passes through your system. The cholesterol-fibre combination eventually gets flushed out of your system. Eating more fibre means that you are lowering your risk of developing heart disease. Fibre can also help with weight loss because it makes you feel full longer, and this also helps to reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

4. Imbalanced blood sugar

When the food that you eat helps your body digest fuel too quickly, you will feel energized initially, but then end up feeling not so good. A high-carb, low fibre diet will cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop quickly. This quick up-and-down cycle will leave you feeling lethargic and fatigued, and also increase your risk of developing diabetes.

Make sure that you are getting enough fibre in your diet to ensure that you are maintaining good health and keeping your risk of developing certain chronic conditions lower.