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365 coffee recipes

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Raspberry-Marzipan Coffee Cake



A decadent coffee cake made with delicious strawberries and slivered almonds.

A Norwegian Coffee Cake (Kringla)



You can fill them with your favorite filling, Cream Cheese, Jelly, etc. You don't need eggs or yeast. They are not too sweet, and definitely not boring like a bagel, (Sorry Bag...

All Canadian Coffee



Bring out the true Canadian in you with this delicious coffee that can warm up any cold and muggy day.

Almond-Coffee Walnuts



These scrumptious treats are perfect as a light snack in between meals.

Almond Butter Coffee Cake



You will go nuts over this scrumptious cake that is decadent to the last slice. Just make sure your family doesn't eat it all in one night!

American Coffee Cake



Casstown Lostcreek Grange, Miami County, OH

Blueberry Coffeecake



Delicious, buttery and fluffy coffeecake.

Almond-Pear Coffee Cake



Great with Sliced Peaches

Apple and Creamcheese Coffeecake



Apple and Creamcheese Coffeecake recipe

Any Fruit Coffee Cake



Any Fruit Coffee Cake recipe

Amazing Tiramisu Toffee Torte with Coffee Frosting



Amazing Tiramisu Toffee Torte with Coffee Frosting recipe

Apple Coffee Cake with Cinnamon Sugar



This irresistible apple coffee cake is easy to make, and it comes out moist and delicious. Even better with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea, it can be breakfast or a tasty...

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