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124 berrie recipes

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Acorn Squash Rings With Cranberries And Apples



Lively up your dinner with this delicious dish that will become one of your favorites this Fall.

Sweet & Sour Chicken -Cranberries



This tantalizing dish is made with pineapple chunks and cranberries which gives it a distinctive fruity taste.

Angel Food Cake with Whipped Cream and Fresh Berries



Light and as fluffy as a feather. This version is served with whipped cream and fresh berries.

Angel Food Cake & Raspberries



Classic fluffy and light Angel Food Cake topped with juicy raspberries.

Brandied Cranberries



Broiled until popped, then macerated in sugar and brandy. Works as a cranberry sauce with a bit of kick for meats and also as a topping for pancakes or waffles.

Asparagus with Cranberries and Pine Nuts



This is a quick, easy way to saute asparagus. The dish has a light flavor and makes a great accompaniment to Italian meals. I make this year-round, but we especially enjoy it at...

Spiced Cider with Cranberries (crockpot)



A spicy, flavorful hot drink for Wintertime.

Quinoa and Veggie Salad with Apples, Dried Berries, Walnuts and Cheddar



Easy to make, and it was delicious as well as packed with good-for-you ingredients. Will be making it again soon.

Blackberries Crumb Bars



really simple to make blackberrie pie.

Berries and Ricotta Mini Phyllo Tarts



Fresh berries, light and creamy ricotta cheese with the golden and crispy phyllo, these mini phyllo tarts are melting in your mouth, and you can't stop reaching them.

Baked German Pancakes with Fresh Strawberries



Classic German pancakes are made with eggs, flour and milk, and baked in the oven. The puffed pancake tastes delicious with some powdered sugar or maple syrup, or top some fresh...

Strawberries & Cream Cocktail



Strawberries & Cream are always a winning combination, and the mixologists at Dirty Martini have served up an ace with their latest cocktail creation in celebration of the 126th...

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts, Cranberries and Balsamic Glaze



Roasting probably is the best way to cook brussels sprouts, it really develops tons of yumminess. Simply toss roasted sprouts with a bit good olive oil, roasted walnuts, dried ...

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