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127 plum recipes


Ben and Jerry's Plum Ice Cream



Ben and Jerry's Plum Ice Cream recipe

Cinnamon Plum Tart



A famous Scottish style pie or tart. Plums baked in a rich and creamy custard.

Glazed Plum Bundt Cake



Glazed Plum Bundt Cake recipe

Grandma's Best Plum Cake



Loved this cake very much. The plums became juicy and sweet after baking, which added a great addition to the cake. With a cup of coffee or tea, a perfect afternoon snack.

German Plum Cake



Delicious German plum cake!

Fresh Fruit Crisp



This mouth-watering fruit crisp helps you transform your seasonal fresh fruits into a delicious dessert. You can use apples, pears, or stone-fruits like peaches and apricots.

Breakfast Fruit Focaccia



Breakfast Focaccia recipe

Homemade Kid Friendly Dessert



One of the most delicious desserts. Easy to make and wonderfully sweet. Try this recipe.

Plum Ice Cream Souffles with Spiced-Plum Sauce



A great summer time dessert, lots of ripe and sweet plum give the souffles delicious flavor!

Fresh Peach and Plum Tart



Inspired by the fresh peach tart recipe I made a few days ago, yesterday came out this fresh peach and plum tart recipe. This time I used a lot both freshly seasonal peaches and...

Peach and Almond Bread with Maple Glaze



Fresh stone fruits, nutty almond and pure maple syrup make this delicious and fruity bread. Unlike peach pie, this peach bread has a fluffy and crumbly texture, with the maple-g...

German Plum Cake (Healthier Version)



By using most whole wheat flour and olive oil makes this German plum cake much healthier but still tastes super moist and delicious.

Plum and Strawberry Galette



No sophisticated baking skills are required to make this super fruity and delicious galette. Slice up the plums and strawberries, roughly roll the dough into a round, placed th...

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