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Top 20 Squid recipes

Adobong Pusit



Become a seafood lover and try this unique and scrumptious dish made with garlic, tomatoes and fresh squid.

Squid Sambal



This is probably the most exotic of these recipes. No country of origin is given, but from the name and the process it must be Indonesian or Malaysian. This dish has several ...

Chile-Fried Squid (Sambal Cumi-Cumi)

24 days ago


Squid is cooked in a base of delicious seasonings made with onion, garlic, hot chili peppers and paprika, which gives the squid lots of yumminess and great texture.

Baked Squid with Garlic-Anchovy Pasta

7 days ago


Italian holiday meal

Malaysian Squid Satay with Dipping Sauce

24 days ago


Malaysian Squid Satay with Dipping Sauce recipe

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