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Mix recipe collection

A Better Chili Seasoning Mix



A seasoning mix good for beans or make a tasty chili or use as a taco seasoning mix. Leave out the salt and you have a no-salt chili seasoning mix!

Homemade Buttermilk Biscuit Baking Mix (Whole-Wheat)

7 days ago


It's easy to produce baked goods using this healthy version of a buttermilk baking mix. Substitute for Buttermilk Bisquick.

Authentic Homemade Chili Powder



Store bought chili powder lacks authentic flavor. We like to make our own homemade chili powder which adds a tremendous boost to Chili, Tex-Mex or Mexican recipes.

Caesar Salad Dressing Mix

6 days ago


Use this when you find a recipe that calls for dried Caesar Salad Dressing mix.

Homemade Devil's Food Cake Mix

about 5 hours ago

1.81 k

Skip the store-bought box cake mix and make your own DIY Devil's Food Cake mix using pantry ingredients you most likely already have.

Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing Mix


1.19 k

Skip the expensive store-bought overly salty salad dressing mix and make your own using ingredients found in most pantries. Perfect for a low-salt ranch dressing.

Tamarind Paste

10 days ago

1.79 k

Using fresh Tamarind pods make your own fresh homemade tamarind paste. You can use it in Indian cooking, Thai, Jamaican and Mexican. Add a spoonful to flavor curry, soups or e...

Fireside Mocha Coffee Mix

26 days ago


A delicious make ahead mocha coffee drink mix. Perfect for those cool Autumn's and Winter mornings.

Macaroni and TVP Skillet Mix



Macaroni and TVP Skillet Mix recipe

A Little Italy Seasoning Mix



Based on Dean Ornish's Eat More Weigh less. I give this as Christmas presents each year and get rave reviews.

Amaretto Freeze

12 days ago



Another Chili Seasoning Mix



This mixture helps thicken your chili as well as adding loads of flavor.




Berbere Spice Mix



An Ethiopian (African) dry spice mix.

Carob Date Brownie Mix

14 days ago


Chili Seasoning Mix



No need to buy chili seasoning or taco spice mix. It's easy to make your own and it's not loaded with salt and MSG!

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