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Crepe recipe collection

12 Grain Crepes



With most 12 grain flour and whole wheat flour, these crepes come out super healthy with great nutty flavor. Fill these warm crepes with jam, fruits, or even savory filling suc...

12-Grain Crepes with Warm Applesauce



Warm applesauce is a delicious filling for these nutty 12-grain crepes and also packed with goodness.

Basic Cannelloni Crepes

6 days ago


Basic Cannelloni Crepes recipe

Biscuit Baking Mix Recipes...Quick Crepes

about 12 hours ago

1.93 k

If you love crepes but don't have the time to make them, try this simple recipe that will become your new favorite!




A blini is basically a crepe that is made with activated yeast and buckwheat flour. There are many blini recipes, each with different variations. Try this one.

Breakfast Crepes with Warm Berry Sauce

8 days ago


Instead of pancakes, try these delicious crepes with warm berry sauce and a cup of orange juice or coffee for breakfast.

Buckwheat Crepes



Buckwheat pancakes are great, but here's something a little more elegant: buckwheat crepes. Serve them with melted butter and cinnamon sugar.

California Goat Cheese Crepes with Sweet Onion Sauce



Herb and goat cheese stuffed crepes with a reduction sauce. Very sophisticated

Crepes with Strawberry Sauce

2 days ago


Warm crepes with juicy and fruity strawberry sauce drizzled on top. A delicious and satisfying breakfast that is easy to get you out of the bed.

Raspberry Crepes with Creamy Orange Syrup



These mouth-watering crepes are filled with raspberry sauce and drizzled with creamy orange syrup. No one can resist these deliciously warm crepes to be a starter of the day.

Strawberry-Cream Crepes

21 days ago


Strawberry-Cream Crepes recipe

Warm Crepes with Berry Sauce



Warm, juicy and fruity. These warm crepes are served with freshly made blueberry-raspberry sauce. Delicious and also good for you.

Apple Whole Wheat Crepes



Being creative is always the way to go, especially in cooking. Add some thin apple slices into the crepe batter to make some apple crepes for breakfast. Warm, tasty and packed...

Applesauce Filled Crepes

3 days ago


Warm applesauce is cooked with a bit cinnamon and maple syrup, then filled into the folded whole wheat crepes. These delicious yet healthy crepes are ideal for breakfast. Mak...

Asparagus Crepes with Mushroom Dill-Sauce



This was outstanding. The dill mushroom sauce had just the right balance of acidity and sweetness to match the asparagus. The quantities for two servings in the recipe was bang ...

Basic Crepes



Why not make your own crepes, easy, fresh and delicious!!

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