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Asian recipe collection

Yummy Wok Chinese Fried Rice

13 days ago


A quick, easy and tasty recipe to use up your leftover rice and make a delicious dish that you can serve as a side dish or a simply tasty meal.

Chicken Bok Choy Stir Fry (Low Fat, Low Cal)



Sometimes nothing is better than a delicious stir-fry dish that's both healthy and scrumptious.

Asian Asparagus and Tofu Stir-Fry



This refreshing, quick and easy stir-fry satisfy your stomach within a few minutes, serve it with rice, quinoa or any your favorite cooked grain.

Asian Beef and Noodle Soup



Ready in 15 minutes flat, quick and hearty Asian beef noodle soup.

Asian Beef Tacos



The idea of Korean Tacos trucks and the delicious tacos they produce intrigued me. I developed this as my own version of an Asian flavored taco.

Asian Carrot Soup



Asian Carrot Soup recipe

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

7 days ago


More of a stew than a soup as the broth is absorbed and thickened by the soba noodles. Very hearty and loaded with goodies. The flavorful broth covers all of the ingredients mor...

Asian Chicken Peanut Sausage



A fantastic non-pork sausage packed with Asian flair.

Asian Glazed Salmon (Easy)



Quick and easy Asian glazed salmon. Perfect for a quick weeknight meal.

Asian Salad Nicoise



This Nicoise Salad is a beautiful play off its French counterpart. It keeps the traditional string beans, potatoes, boiled eggs and tuna, but it adds an Asian inspired dressing ...

Asian Sesame Soba Noodles with Cucumber, Bok Choy, and Mixed Greens



A delicious and refreshing soba noodle salad, serve it as a tasty side dish or a vegetarian main dish.

Asian Sweet and Sour Cod

21 days ago


Asian cod recipe. Asian marinated meaty cod with a crispy coating, colorful tender-crisp veggies, all glazed with a sweet-sour sauce.

Authentic Korean Kimchi

1 day ago

1.83 k

Kimchi is so common in Korean, from breakfast to dinner, and it's not only because it tastes so good, and it goes very well with almost anything, also it is quite healthy, and i...

Authentic Orange Chicken

14 days ago

1.04 k

My Chinese-American version of crispy fried chicken nuggets tossed in a savory citrus sauce with a touch of heat. Great served over hot rice.

Chinese Red Bean Pudding

11天 ago


Healthy dessert!!

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