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182 easter recipes


Panch Puran



This unique blend of a variety of seeds can help a marinade spice up any type of meat.

Bavarian Herb Soup (Krautlsuppe)



This Bavarian soup is served on Easter Thursday, known as Maundy Thursday. This is a delicate fresh-tasting soup for any time of the year.

Chicken a la Sabra



While Schwartz describes the name for this Israeli dish as slightly pretentious, he notes that it won a cooking competition and found its way onto the menus of five star hotels....

Cozy Delicious Lentil and Spinach Soup



This is a Middle Eastern soup, typical of the simple foods served in the desert regions. Serve with pita bread and a grain or vegetable dish for a simple meal. This soup is ...

Easter Fun Sugar Cookies



Easter Fun Sugar Cookies recipe

Cute Easter Egg Cookies



Cute Easter Egg Cookies recipe

Easter Lamb Face Cupcakes



These lamb face cupcakes are too cute, and also they are so easy to make, the tender cupcakes are coated with the vanilla frosting and marshmallows, great cupcakes for your Easter!

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Easter Tips

Food Coloring Chart for Easter Eggs

How to dye Easter eggs? Dyeing Easter eggs is easy without a store-bought kit. Follow this chart to create a huge rainbow of colors.

Asparagus: The Herald of Spring

Chefs and gourmets the world over eagerly await the arrival of spring. No other time of year can match the bounty of

Celebrate Easter With Roasted Lamb

Historically, feasting on lamb was a traditional means of ushering in the spring season. The natural breeding cycle of sheep produces

Easter Pie

Every Easter when I was a boy I looked forward to my mom's Easter pie. An Italian tradition, "Easter Pie", as it

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