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In Chinese:海带
British (UK) term: Kombu
en français:kombu
en español:kombu

Recipes using kombu

There are 15 recipes that contain this ingredient.

Spicy Tripe and Beans

Spicy Tripe & Beans

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Completely different recipe than Jamaican or Spanish ones. I used few known methods to make beans easier to digest. They all work very well not to make music.


B-B-Q Seitan


This recipe has been developed as part of work toward being a participant and finalist in the Culinary Olympics held in Frankfurt, Germany.


Dashi Stock


DASHI STOCK is Japanese clear soup stock. There are four types made from kelp, dried bonito, shitake mushroom, or dried fish. Dashi stock is the secret of Japanese cooking. To keep this strictly vegetarian, I omit the dried bonito flakes and substitute with soy bean sprouts and or mushrooms.


Anasazi Bean Stew with Cornmeal Dumplings

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A savory bean stew that's made with delicious cornmeal dumplings which will satisfy your family's hunger.


Squash & Adzuki Beans

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This recipe reminds me a Japanese style soup because of kombu (kelp or seaweed). It's a nice change from my normal chicken broth and cream based squash soup. This one has a much cleaner taste, and really highlights the flavor of each ingredient.

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