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1,362 potato recipes

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Creamy Scalloped Potatoes



Easy and tasty scalloped potatoes for your slow cooker or Crockpot topped with cheddar cheese.

Crockpot Homemade Potato Soup



Make your own delicious homemade soup that's so easy to make. This recipe uses a slow-cooker so it's a simple place all ingredients into the slow cooker and let is simmer all d...

Crock Pot Cheese Potatoes



Make this scrumptious side dish without using the oven by following this stress free crockpot recipe.

Do-Ahead Party Mashed Potatoes



Make it ahead to save some time for your party day, and it tastes delicious when it comes out of the oven and freshly baked.

Easy Creamy Potato Soup



Easy Creamy Potato Soup recipe

Creamy Potato Carrot Casserole



I forgot to add the yoghurt and it was still superb. I used sun dried tomato instead of bacon for a vegetarian option. Definitely to be repeated!

Easy Microwave Bacon Potato Soup



Easy Microwave Bacon Potato Soup recipe

Devonshire Potato-Mushroom Pie



Try this potato and mushroom savoury pie for a side dish with style.

Creamy Tomato, Potato and Mushroom Soup



Creamy Tomato, Potato and Mushroom Soup recipe

Easy Hearty Potato Soup



Hearty Potato Soup recipe

Dalt's Baked Potato Soup



Dalt's Baked Potato Soup recipe

Creamy Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Pasta



Load up on your power vegetables, sweet potatoes and sweet red bell pepper in this satisfying pasta main dish.

Crockpot Mashed Sweet Potatoes



Sweet potatoes wit apple cider, cinnamon and bacon for your slow cooker.

Easy Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes



Mom's recipe that's easy to add to. Try adding ricotta cheese to create more of a main dish, or mushrooms for a "meatier" version of this vegetarian dish.

Creamy Salmon and New Potato Salad



Creamy yet refreshing. The salmon and new potatoes were tossed with a creamy dressing, and it was so tasty.

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