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18 matzo recipes

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Carmel Matzoh Crunch

20 days ago


A tasty and delicious treat that's easy to make and will probably be gone in a day if you don't make enough!

Ashkenazic Chicken Soup and Matzo Balls with Fresh Dill

29 days ago


A classic passover Matzah ball soup that simply delicious. No need to be Jewish to enjoy this chicken soup recipe.

Matzo Meal Cookies

22 days ago


Orange Matzo Meal Pancakes

13 days ago


Orange Matzo Meal Pancakes recipe

Apple Matzo Fritters

29 days ago


Apple Matzo Fritters recipe

Leek, Potato and Matzo Gratin

19 days ago



Apple Pie with Matzos



Apple Pie recipe

Veggie Matzo Brie

20 days ago


A low-fat veggie matzo "brie" without the high fat brie cheese.

Olive Oil Flatbread (Matzo - Passover Bread)

11 days ago


Make your own Matzo bread for use in recipes, or as a low-sodium cracker with great crunch. Perfect for scooping up hummus or dips.

Gluten-Free Matzo with Pickled Lettuce



Whether you know this unleavened bread as Matzo, Matza or Matzah, this delicious, homemade, cracker-like alternative to bread is a welcome change. The pickled lettuce creates a ...

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