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198 lime recipes

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Best Florida Key Lime Pie

1 day ago


With the fruity taste of lime, this delicious pie is perfect for your next family reunion. Best served with a whipped topping of your choice!

Grilled Garlic and Lime Pork Tenderloin with Onion Marmalade

13 days ago


Absolutely delicious in every way. The lime and garlic marinade works it's wonders and permeated the loin wonderfully. (We marinaded for two days :) The onion marmelade paired p...

Florida Key Lime Pie

1 day ago


Delicious key lime pie, make it at home and enjoy it at any time even if you are not in the Keys.

Robb's Tropical Lime Cake

1 day ago


Looks beautiful and tastes delicious!

Key Lime Cake (Lighter Version)

18 days ago


By using mostly whole wheat flour, a combination of applesauce, butter and olive oil makes this key lime cake much healthier and lighter than your regular key lime cake. It sti...

Chili Lime Tortilla Chips (home-made)

10 days ago


Make your own home-made tortilla chips for much better flavor and a whole lot less salt. These tortilla chips are flavored with lime and chili powder perfect for a salsa or Chi...

Key Lime Pie-Low Fat

1 day ago


This Key Lime Pie was so much lighter, and the meringue topping was fluffy, creamy and super light. Enjoy this delicious key lime pie without feeling guilty!

Key Lime Cake with Lime Cream Filling

7 days ago


If you like key lime pie, you will definitely like this key lime cake, instead of using whipping cream, we use meringue, it is much lower fat and calories, and the flavour is ab...

Lime Coriander Sour Cream Dip

6 days ago


Refreshing lime cilantro sour cream dip is great with some baked sweet potato wedges.

Raspberry Lime Coulis

17 days ago


A bright, silky smooth fruit sauce bursting with raspberry flavor. Perfect to dress up ice cream or cheesecake and especially good with angel food cake or chiffon.

Key Lime Pudding Cake



A self-saucing cake that's magically fluffy and creates it's own tangy key lime curd. Developed at our summer home in Key Largo with inspiration after watching Junior MasterChef...

Mini Key Lime Meringue Tartlets

6 days ago


If you can't find key lime juice, use lime juice instead. The crust is buttery and flakey, the filling is creamy, lime-y and smooth, and the meringue topping is light and fluffy...

Key Lime Slice

8 days ago


Came up with this delicious key lime slice recipe while in Key Largo, Florida. Similar to the Aussie Lemon slice but with a twist of the keys.

Black Bean, Veggie and Taco Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

19 days ago


This is a vegetarian version of black bean-taco salad. The dressing is so refreshing and tasty, which makes this bean and veggie salad taste still delicious.

Cilantro Lime Rice



A refreshing and tasty cilantro lime rice goes deliciously well with any your favorite Mexican main dishes.

Key Lime Cake with Lime Syrup

15 days ago


A very citrus and moist key lime cake, you don't have to be in the keys, you can still have a slice or two of this delicious cake.

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