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Spanish recipes

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Spanish Pot Roast

14 days ago

1.1 k

Another of Grandma's recipes.

Braised Short Ribs for Two

15 days ago

1.35 k

Boneless beef short ribs, slow braised in a small crockpot (or pot if desired) perfectly sized for two servings.

Luby's Spanish Slaw with Dressing

3 days ago


This slaw is a great side dish with burgers, pulled pork, BBQ, or any succulent meaty dishes. Loved the dilled pickles in the slaw and the pickled juice in the dressing, which r...

Spanish Spiced Whole Almonds

14 days ago


These roasted almonds are tasty and crunchy, all the seasonings and brown sugar add the amazing flavor to the almonds. Good snack or when you have guests to come, it will satisf...

Bread-machine Panettone

14 days ago


This recipe comes from Italy by way of Argentina. Maxwell Mowry of Charleston got this recipe when he lived in Buenos Aires in the early l970s. Since there are more people of It...

Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Omelet)



In Spain, a tortilla isn't the cornmeal flat bread we think of, but a sort of omelet loaded with onions and potatoes. This is a popular item at tapas bars, and an easy dinner to...

Bacalhau 'a Bras

about 22 hours ago


A traditional Portuguese recipe. Salt cod (bacalhau) and potatoes fried to perfection. FANTASTIC!

Spanish Baked Eggs



Spanish style eggs flavored with Chorizo and harissa, tomatoes, roasted red peppers and green olives. Bursts of flavor in every bite.

Greek Gyro

17 days ago


A delicious and succulent dish that will have you and your friends licking your lips and fingers!

Spanish Chicken Salad

19 days ago


Spanish spiced chicken breast with fresh avocado, orange dressed boston lettuce.

Tandoori Spiced Chicken Breast with Grilled Tomato Jam and Herbed Yogurt Sauce



Absolutely worth the effort of preparation. The chicken tasted so delicious and packed with flavor. No need to order take-out from now on. This homemade tandoori chicken is as y...

Star Anise and Date Masala Spiced Chickpeas

11 days ago


An Indian inspired recipe is full of flavor, a great side dish with some grilled meat.

Spanish Omelette with Parsnip



We really love spanish omelettes because they’re super tasty, healthy and really quick and easy to make. Traditional Spanish omelettes are made using potatoes. We’ve decided to ...

Sheila's Mandarin Orange Cake

17 days ago


Sheila made this Mandarin Cake this morning to take to our Paella lunch with Spanish friends. They go crazy for it.

Shantung Chicken

4 days ago


Superb dish. I added Chinese veggies mix which contained bean sprouts, sherry was Spanish. Noodles were originally Chinese. Thanks very much, a photo is attached.

Sorrel Soup with Chorizo



I cook sorrel soup every spring year by year because of the unique sour flavor. I usually make it on the base of long simmered veal bones. This spring the process of cooking was...


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