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6 frittata recipes

that are a good source of fiber ready in 30 minutes or less

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Asparagus and Mint Frittata
Asparagus & Mint Frittata

Seasonal asparagus, fresh mint, parsley leaves, and parmesan cheese together make a delicious frittata that fits in any moment.

Brussels Sprouts and Mushroom Frittata
Brussels Sprouts & Mushroom Frittata

Make this moist and delicious frittata for breakfast. It provides you with enough nutritions that you need to power through the whole morning before lunch hunger arrives, and needless to say that it's so tasty. Serve it with a slice of whole grain toast and grape fruit.

Potato and Spinach Frittata
Potato & Spinach Frittata

This potato and spinach frittata was delicious, and it had enough goodness for me to start off my day. You can use sweet potato, and other leafy greens such as kale and Swiss chard to make this frittata.

Favourite Pasta Frittata

Favourite Pasta Frittata recipe

Italian Tofu Frittata

This frittata can be used in many ways, breaklfast, lunch, dinner, whatever you want, and you can add all kinds of stuff in it, and always satisfy you!

Healthy Frittata

Enjoy this tasty frittata at any time of the day. Serve it with a refreshing salad for a complete and wholesome meal.

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