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Fall into Savings: Preserve the bounty before it's too late!

Fruits and vegetables that are in season have the highest nutritional value. 

In-season produce is usually less expensive than out-of-season produce because of availability.

How can you enjoy the in-season nutrition and savings of the fall produce that you crave once the season has passed? By preserving those delicious fruits and vegetables!

Freezing, canning, and drying are three ways to enjoy the fall harvest throughout the year.

Cook and puree your favorite fall vegetables like pumpkin, sweet potato, squash and carrots or fruits like apples and pears. These purees can be frozen. Then add them into your favorite recipes like quick breads and muffins or stir them into a warm and comforting soup recipe. 

Fresh fruits and blanched vegetables can be flash frozen.

Prepare jams, jellies, pie fillings, salsas, or fruit butters and sauces and then can them. 

Tomatoes, jalapenos, and tomatillos are still in season in October. Canning is the perfect way to enjoy their fresh, bright flavor all year. Add them to salsa, sweet chili sauce, salsa verde, love apple jelly, or tomato sauce.

Drying your favorite fall fruits like apples, pears, and pineapple is also a great way to preserve their seasonal sweetness. Store dried fruit in airtight plastic containers and then add them to your favorite oatmeal or trail mix recipes.

By investing time now in preserving the bounty of fall, you can enjoy its rich and satisfying flavors year-round.