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Shellfish recipe collection

Crab Imperial



Warm crab meat salad that's fit for Imperial guests.

Inn Flight Restaurant's Crab Supreme

23 days ago


Lucious crab with a hint of spice piled high on a croissant topped with melted swiss cheese.

Shrimp (Chicken) and Sugar Snap Pea Stir Fry



An easy dish that's also very tasty. Quick and easy to make, perfect dinner on a busy week day.

Spicy Steamed Mussels



The recipe blends equal amounts of gueuze and Chardonnay to make these mussels fragrant, and adds Cajun spices for heat. We suggest a farmhouse ale in the Flemish tradition to p...

Stir-Fried Shrimp with Oyster Sauce

11 days ago


A quick, easy and delicious stir-fry, serve it over a bed of rice, yum!

Walnut Chicken/Shrimp Stir-Fry



So quick and easy to put together, and it tastes delicious with a good amount of flavorful sauce that's perfect with a bed of rice. Don't have Chinese cabbage? Use bok choy or...

15 Minute Popcorn Shrimp



This scrumptious shrimp dish tastes so good, it will make you completely forget about the overcooked breaded bits of what purports to be shrimp at Red Lobster.

Amazing New England Clam Bake



Amazing New England Clam Bake recipe

Coconut Shrimp De Jonghe



Coconut Shrimp De Jonghe recipe

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