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San Francisco recipe collection

Amazing Salmon Mousse



Amazing Salmon Mousse recipe

Baby Salmon Stuffed with Caviar



Baby Salmon Stuffed with Caviar recipe

Amazing Walnut Pie a la Mode



Amazing Walnut Pie a la Mode recipe

Artichokes Romas Style



If you never know how to cook artichokes,I suggest you try this way,after cooking,you will say:Oh,my god,is there really so nice artichokes exsiting in this world?hehe,after I f...

Asparagus Sauce



San Francisco chefs

Crayfish and Poached Quail Eggs Salad and Truffle Vinaigrette



My husband told me he had never tasted so good flavour,crayfish,poached quai eggs salad,and truffle vinaigrette,combined very well.The crayfish inside them,when you eat one,you ...

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