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Congee/ Kanji/ Jook/ Rice Gruel
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Congee is the Chinese name, Kanji the Japanese, and Jook is the Filipino name, all for the same thing. In English it would be called Rice Gruel or maybe Rice Hot Cereal, but progressively it is referred to by the naturalist health community as Congee. It is a staple of the Ancient Chinese Diet and used to nurse the sick and weak back to health. They say 3 weeks of this will cure ANYTHING! Its because it gives your system such a break that it can use its energy elsewhere to heal what ails you. It has nursed me back to health at least 3 times now and is supposed to be a part of my DAILY diet, according to my Acupuncturist, Betsy. Thank you for saving my life Betsy!!!

Hawaiian Fish with Thai Banana Salsa
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Bring out the grass-skirts when you sit down to eat this scrumptious and spicy dish.

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