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Butter recipe collection

Vanilla Salted Caramel Macarons

3 days ago


Salted caramel is filled in between the vanilla macaron shells, it's impossible to resist these sweets. Experience some seriously decadent and delicious explosion by popping on...

Aunt's Portuguese Sweet Bread



Portuguese Sweet Bread recipe

Brown Sugar Berry Scones

20 days ago


Brown Sugar Scones recipe

Buttery Almond Shortbread

19 days ago


Almond Shortbread recipe

Classic Brioches



Classic Brioches recipe

Cream Cheese Strawberry Butter

14 days ago


A wonderful topping for pancakes, waffles, French toast, bagels and English muffins.

Creamy Vanilla Frosting



Add less milk if you want a little stiffer frosting for piping.

Easy Linguine with Clams



Quick and Easy meal that your taste buds will love

Lemon Butter Mousse



It's heavenly delicious, that's all I can say! Buttery, creamy, silky, and oh, my... It had everything that I was craving :) Thanks for sharing such a great recipe!

Moist Butter Raisins Cake

7 days ago


I have found the best moist buttery raisins cake....

S0 Buttery Brioche



Brioche recipe

Soft Portuguese Sweet Bread

17 days ago


Soft Portuguese Sweet Bread recipe

Rich Pineapple Utopia



Madu's incredible Pineapple Utopia desert. Note: I strongly suggest that you make two. (That way other people can have some after you eat the first one yourself.)

Braised Onion Sauce for Pasta



This braised onion sauce is rich and buttery, so you don't need much when tossing it with pasta.

Butterkuchen (Butter Cake)



It's like a combination of cinnamon buns and sheet cake, and it was buttery and delicious. Made a large bunch, cut into squares and frozen most of the cake. Perfect for breakfas...

Cinnamon Orange Butter

18 days ago


Instead of reaching for the margarine, try this sweet butter that is sure to a kick to sandwiches or toast.

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