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Walnut oil

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53 recipes

Delicious Cream of Pumpkin Soup



Cream of Pumpkin Soup recipe

Green Beans with Walnuts and Tarragon



Lovely mingle of flavours. I toasted the walnets. Used dried tarragon but soaked in the oils w/orgainc cider vinegar in advance. Oh yeah and added 1 clove of finely minced garli...

Rich Green Lentil Salad with Walnut Oil



A lovely rich tasting lentil salad. High in protein, fiber and low in saturated fats.

Chicken and Pasta With Creamy Walnut Sauce

12 days ago


An easy, tasty and hearty dish is an ideal dinner for busy weekdays. Creamy but without any dairy product, it's from the roasted walnuts that also add yummy nuttiness.

Cinnamon Swirled Pumpkin Bread



An excellent breakfast bread that's made with whole wheat flour, white flour, oats, pumpkin, walnuts and chocolate chips. The cinnamon sugar is swirled into the bread brushed wi...

Jack's Veggie Burger



Jack's Veggie Burger recipe

Pecan Whole Wheat Rye Bread



Pecan Whole Wheat Rye Breadrecipe

Fall Salad



Fall Salad



Alaska Seafood Tarts



A scrumptious seafood dish that's perfect to take with you to your next or first dinner party.