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Norwegian prawns with noodles and chilli sauce
Norwegian prawns with noodles & chilli sauce
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A delicious noodle dish made with sustainable Norwegian prawns

Norwegian Almond Cake
Norwegian Almond Cake
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Another delicious cake recipe from my Norway friend: Here in Norway, the cake has both names, but the official name is success, cake!

A Norwegian Coffee Cake (Kringla)
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You can fill them with your favorite filling, Cream Cheese, Jelly, etc. You don't need eggs or yeast. They are not too sweet, and definitely not boring like a bagel, (Sorry Bagel lovers). It is a coffee Bread not like Muffins, which are too sweet, and also do not have too many calories. This recipe came from a fella from the town of LOS OSOS CA He is a out of work Carpenter who started baking and selling these wonderful Rolls, He said that this is an original recipe that he got from his grandmother.

Poached Codfish Steaks with Egg Sauce
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In Norway, this dish is often accompanied by raw diced carrots, sprinkled with lemon juice and new potatoes.

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